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Write 3 pages on how does material properties react for below listed materials under
refrigeration process (2 to 8 degrees). Please include Effect on low temperature, Bond
effect with different solvents, elongation tube under low temperature and high
temperature, How does material reacts once it get back to room temperature from
refrigeration temperature (2-8 degrees). Tube effect, Humidity, Air impact. Please include
any example data to support and pictures.
Material list
1. PVC
2. ABS
3. PC

1. PVC
Polyvinyl chloride is either a rigid or flexible synthetic plastic polymer. It is mainly
used for electrical insulations, films, and pipes. The properties of this material vary on its
temperature. For example, 20 inches pipe can expand for around 0.07 inches for 10
degrees farenheit. When the material, especially Polypropylene and PVC, is under
refrigeration process, it becomes brittle and its impact strength is severely diminished,
making it more susceptible to cracking under stress or strain (What plastics are freezer
safe?, 2012). According to Blue (n.d.), when the temperature approaches 20 degrees
farenheit, the PVC is in danger of freezing. Another source stated that when the
temperature decreases, PVC like PVC pipes, their ability to sustain internal pressure and
external loads improves as tensile strength and modulus of elasticity rise. Also, the impact
stength reduces (Websiteperu, 2013).

The rea...

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