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1. Type Name of Team What characteristics did they Would you have Member show? them on your team? Why? Mr John Doe Mr John Doe showed his creative Yes, because talents and his ability to solve creativity was an problems when deciding how best essential role for this to cut the pieces of card. project and for any project we may do in the future. Peter Prince Branson Owen Peter was a creative member of the Yes, their ideas led group who proposed most of the to the success of the ideas for the project. team Branson was the disciplinarian of Yes, Branson the team, he ensured that the ensured that people members didn’t get too distracted. didn’t miss the deadline by ensuring that they remained focused. Daniel Porter Daniel ensured that we didn’t Yes. It was from his digress from the objective of the efforts that the team project. Most of our objectives were achieved its goals. achieved due to his responsibility. Janet Wesley Ensured that the group members did Yes. Janet worked to not lose their focus ensure that the focus was retained. Ben Obwin Ben ensured that our plan was put Yes. It was as a into action. result of his actions that our plans were put into actions. The high school debate club scenario: The debate club consisted of more than 20 members. I worked with this same people for a period of two years. The team was cohesive and effective in its actions in the many decisions that required to be made and in choosing debaters for various motions. During this period we achieved the goal of beating our main adversaries. The soccer team scenario: This role only lasted for a day as I was picked to play on behalf of one of their team who had fallen sick. The team consisted of about 15 people who I didn’t really know though I had met with some of them on various occasions. The urgency of my call allowed no communication between myself and other team members. For this reason, the game ended up pretty badly and blames started being passed over to different members. In scenario one, team effort was well demonstrated, the members remained focused and motivated resulting to exceptional results. In Scenario 2, members were demotivated, there was lack of effective communication which has negative results. In scenario 2, when the team lost, all the members concentrated on passing the blame over to one another, which led to more confusion and feelings of disappointments. When I tried to advise them to forget and learn from the goal then aim to train better for the next game, my advice was ignored. My team of six is dynamic and seeks to work together as best as they can in order to achieve their goals. While a lot of other tasks that needed to be addressed came up in the middle of the exercise, Dan, one outstanding member took out the role of fixing it towards the place it belonged. The result of the open communication, motivation, hard work and selflessness of the group members caused the team to prepare adequately for the upcoming event and deliver the services exceptionally. A disagreement about the branding of the event arose in the middle of the exercise but was handled casting a vote whereby the best branding idea won. Having developed an environment of friendship, the team members were able to enjoy themselves as they worked to achieve the goal. Skills audit 1 2 3 4 Articulation of ideas x Self-presentation x Building morale/confidence 5 x Questioning x Defusing and resolving conflict x Tact x Sincerity x Effective listening x Concern for team members x The team demonstrated exceptional abilities in general concern for each other which resulted to enhanced abilities of sincerity, increased morale and in conflict resolution. The openness in the communication gave chance for better articulation of ideas. 1 2 3 4 5 Preparation x Identification of issues x Scheduling activities x Responsibility x Accountability x Responsiveness Adaptability x x Consideration of options Openness to criticism x x The team showed an incredible Maintaining focus x opportunity in maintaining focus regardless of the number of distractions that constantly during the exercise. The main weaknesses that however faced the team included lack of openness towards criticism, in accountability for their actions, and in a way also in the scheduling of activities. The task involves making decisions on the overall performance of the tea, supporting evidence for our team, the general effectiveness in meeting the objectives and making the recommendations needed for improvement. Communication within my team was effective and opinions were regarded highly. Members listened to each other’s opinions without interruptions, the best ideas were adopted and then the rest were kept pending in case of future use. The open communication enabled the team to solve conflicts quickly. In case had missed communication, we would not have met the deadline effectively and would have missed on most aspects of the project (Bird, 2015). Planning for the activities of the team and took much time. The instructions that had given to us were specific and straightforward which made planning even easier. I then ensured that every one of my team members knew their exact tasks and roles. Though the time required to meet the deadline was limited, planning made us to reach the deadline in time. Had we not planning, the members would not have understood their roles. My team members were all committed to achieve our common goal. If this committed had not been evident, it could have led to the loss of focus, which would have in turn caused delays. The commitment enabled us to achieve the goals effectively. Everybody in my team was presented with equal opportunities, the role of the team leader was well defined out and everyone was assigned to handle a given task (West, 2014). The recommendations were as follows; • More communication would have prevented most of the hiccups we experienced • We should have scheduled our time more effectively • Increased self-motivation would have seen us achieve even better • More concentration from the team members would have prevented some of the disputes we experienced. ...
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Student Name 1

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Student Name
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Student Name 2


Name of Team

What characteristics did they

Would you have



them on your
team? Why?

Mr John Doe

Mr Doe was creative and a problem

Yes, because being

solver which he was able to show

originatively was an

on how well he could cut the pieces

important role for

of card.

this project and also
for any other we
may have in future.

Peter Prince

Branson Owen

Peter was a creative member and

Yes, his ideas led to

was an idealist who proposed most

the success of the

ideas in the group.


Branson was the disciplinarian of

Yes, Branson

the team and ensured that the

ensured individuals

members were not distracted.

did not hit past the
deadline and ensured
they were focused.

Student Name 3

Daniel Porter

Daniel ensured that team members

Yes. Through his

did not deviate from the group’s

efforts, the team

objective and we give him credit

achieved its goals.

because most of the objectives were
achieved through him.
Janet Wesley

Ensured that the group member’s

Yes. Janet worked to

focus was intact.

ensure that the focus
was retained.

Ben Obwin

Ben ensured that our plans and

Yes. It was as a

activities were put into action.

result of his actions
that our plans and
activities were put
into actions.

The ...

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