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Waldorf and Steiner recognized four options (Piskorski, page 13) for the next phases of eHarmony.

Working individually, make a case for your choice of the options which you recommend that

Waldorf and Steiner implement. Include a discussion of eHarmony’s external environment, its

internal environment, and its competitive advantages as you recommend options, supporting

strategies, and action steps. Include your analysis of the implications of your recommendations on

eHarmony’s future financial and organizational success.


Please limit your response to four pages, single sided, double spaced, Times New Roman 12 font,

with one inch margins on all edges. Use information from Piskorski and Dess exclusively. Include

your name and the page number on the upper right corner of each page.


Dess, Gregory G., Gerry McNamara, and Alan B. Eisner. Strategic Management. Creating

competitive advantages. McGraw Hill Education. 2016.

Piskorski, Mikolaj Jan, Hanna Halaburda, and Troy Smith. eHarmony. Harvard. 2008.

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Recommendations for eHarmony
In current times, matchmaking has been a lucrative line of business just like other
businesses. Numerous firms offer online matchmaking services globally. eHarmony is one of the
firms in matchmaking business. Other entities in the same line of business include Match, which
is eHarmony's greatest competitor among others. The current era has had distinct features that
make match making a large industry. The greatest contributor to the emergence and growth of this
industry is the overly tight schedules that individuals in different parts of the world have on a day
to day basis. These schedules are either inspired by the desire to live the American Dream for the
Americans or the necessity to make ends meet for most other people. Consequently, people have
little time left to establish and maintain long lasting relationships. This is the idea behind
eHarmony. The objective of this paper is to provide recommendations on which of the four options
for eHarmony should be pursued in light of eHarmony's competitive advantage, its internal and
external environments.
The two options of interest to this case study are the need to change its advertising approach
and that of accommodating casual daters. The first option that Steiner and Waldorf considered is
the need to revolutionize its advertisement and marketing approach. According to the latter, the
entity's advertising was redundant since it was more inclined on explaining what the firm did and
the services it ...

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