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1.How are Erikson's and Levinson's theories of adult development alike? How are they different?  Which do you think is the most valid and why?

2.How does intelligence change, if at all, in middle adulthood?

3. Are physical changes inevitable in middle age? Be sure to explain your position thoroughly. 

4. What similarities exist between adolescence and middle age? (feel free to be creative!) 

5. How have views of middle age and old age changed in more recent times? Have you seen any changes in the portrayal of the later years in the media? And is it getting better or worse to "get older" in the U.S. today? 

6. What is a social clock? Have you found that your life is influenced by a social clock? Be sure to explain your answer. 

7. What changes, if any, in sexual activity are seen in middle age? If changes are seen, why do they occur? 

8. Is there such a thing as a "midlife crisis"? Explain your answer fully. 

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