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You need to choose three different types of research from the list below:

  • Newspapers (local, university, national)
  • Reports or websites from government agencies, universities, and/or NGOs
  • Scholarly research (reports or websites on a topic rather than academic articles)
  • Facts and statistics compiled by government agencies and/or NGOs or USF
  • Interviews with experts and/or impacted individuals
  • Surveys (social media makes doing surveys easy)

Once you select three pieces of research that can help you solve your problem, you need to summarize one piece. 

Your summaries should contain: 

  • What is the purpose of the article or source?
  • Identify three pieces of evidence (quotes, statistics, percentages, etc.) that explain, relate to, or support your problem
  • Provide an overview of how you can use the research to explain or solve the problem
  • Explain how you know the research is trustworthy or reputable

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Drug and Substance Abuse in America

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Drug and Substance Abuse in America

Across the globe, different aspects of problems are normally evidenced. The occurrences
of these problems are dependent on the causal factors. For instance, drug and substance abuse
has been a major local concern in many countries as it poses different effects and threats to the
people and the state. With this growing concern, there have been various approaches to address
and solve the problem of drug and substance abuse. Specifically, the American government has
established elaborate measures to address the issue of drug and substance abuse within its
geographical boundaries. Therefore, this paper addresses various ways which have been
presented by different research works such as, American statistical reports, American News, and
American drug use reports on the approaches to solve drug and substance abuse.
According to Addiction Center (2021), the problem of Opioids, Alcohol, Cocaine, and
other substance abuse causes thousands of deaths every year. These deaths are typically
attributed to ...

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