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Suggest and discuss key requirements in each category of requirements (functional, data, environmental) for an interactive product for navigating around a shopping center.

- Discovering requirements?Exploring the problem space and defining what will be developed. Understanding the target users and their capabilities. How a new product might support users. Users’ current tasks, goals, and context. Constraints on the products’ performance.

You should clearly described proper requirements for an interactive product navigating around a shopping centera and a wearable interactive productfor in three categories.


- Functional: What the product will do (e.g., a robot working in a car assembly plant should place and weld together toe correct pieces of metal accurately)

- Data: the type, volatility, size, amount, persistence, accuracy, value of the required data (e.g., data of an application for buying and selling stocks must be up-to-date and accurate)

- Environmental: the circumstances in which the product will operate. Physical: lighting, noise, movement, dust, etc. (e.g., will users need to wear protective clothing?); Social: collaboration and coordination (e.g., will data need to be shared?); Organizational: How good is user support like? Are there facilities and resources for training?; Technical: What technologies will the product run on or need to be compatible with?

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An Interactive Product for Navigating Around a Shopping Center

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Interactive method of navigation is a modern way that customers can use to reach a
particular product. Today’s generation has simplified this approach with the navigation device.
With the assist of technology like GPS, WIFI and online mapping navigation software program
is used to provide the course across shopping centers (Mar...

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