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Replication Study: Find a paper that uses a methodology that you can replicate and for which the data is available. Explain what the authors were trying to show with their quantitative/empirical work and explain the tests and techniques the authors employed. Describe the data that was used and the strengths and weaknesses of the available data. Explain how your work helps to collaborate the results of the paper or where your work exposes weaknesses in the original work. This paper should be a complete and potentially publishable original work. An interesting video for you to watch on replication:
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The article "Healthcare Data breaches: Insights and Implications comprise an in-depth
analysis of various data breaches in healthcare and their tremendous consequences on the medical
organization. In particular, the internet of medical things, information systems, cloud services, and
intelligent devices has substantially transformed the healthcare industry. Digital services have
reinforced easier and more accessible treatment making patients' lives more comfortable with
improved quality. Nevertheless, due to the importance and sensitivity of healthcare information,
medical organizations have become the primary target for data breaches and cyber-attacks. This
problem concerns almost every stakeholder, including patients, security experts, businesses, and
medical organizations. The primary authors comprise She, Zarour, Alenezi, Sarkar, Agrawal,
Kumar, and Khan, who work in the department of Information Technology Babasaheb Bhamiro
Ambekar University, College of Computer and Information Science, Prince Sultan University. The
authors' positions confirm their credibility makes this study trustworthy and valuable (Seh et al.,
The research objectives of the study
The primary aim of the research comprises analyzing and investigating healthcare data
breaches. The investigation focused on offering comprehensive insights into the causes and
consequences of the data breaches on individuals and healthcare institutions. The authors
concentrate on examining variously credible and authentic data sources encompassing the Health
Insurance Po...

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