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In his book " First Break All the Rules", Buckingham and Collins (1999) practical steps are to "select for talent...define the right outcomes...focus on strengths...find the right fit.

Compare the practical steps of "Practical Step to Empower Complaint Management" with those of Buckingham and Collins. 

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First Break All the Rules Case Study
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First Break All the Rules Case Study
According to Buckingham and Collins, best managers manage their employees with
different styles and backgrounds; however, some share common traits despite the differences
among the managers. The management of the employees should be an essential aspect in any
institution as labor is a vital resource in any institution. According to Buckingham and Collins,
managers should focus on the need instead of talents instead of skills, experience, and selfexpectations (Buckingham & Coffman, 2014). Also, the book focuses on the need for managers
to build on each employee's strengths rather than trying to fox their weaknesses to get the best
performances of each team. The book claims that no amount of training can help individuals to
become skillful employees as they anticipate in their minds. Focusing on dealing with the
weaknesses is seen as a waste of time and resources for the institution as achieving the intended
characters and skills of employees can be time-consuming. Thus, according to Buckingham and
Collins, managers have a right to choose their favorite employees to work in different
departments depending on their talents.
When the managers assign tasks to talented employees, they are expected the right
outcomes. First, delegating tasks to employees in are...

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