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Write a 5 page paper about a political leader of your choice (could be a present leader or a past leader) following the outline below:

A) History and background about your chosen political leader (about 4 paragraphs)

B) How the media created a false perception of greatness of your chosen political leader (about 4 paragraphs)

C) What is the real truth about your chosen political leader (about 4 paragraphs)


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Political Leader
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History and background of Donald Trump
Donald Trump was born on June 14, 1946 in New York City New York. He was born to
Fred Trump a real estate developer and Mary Trump. In 1977 he was married to Ivana Trump
and they divorced in 1990 with three children. In 1993, he married Marla Trump but later
divorced in 1999 with one child, the then got married to Melania Knauss Trump who is now the
first lady of United States with one child.
His children with Ivana are Donald Jr, Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump, his child with
Marla is Tiffany Trump and with Melania Barron Trump. He went to Fordham University, the
University of Pennsylvania, and the Wharton School of Finance with Bachelors of Science in
economics in the year 1968. After finishing college in 1970, he went to Queens and Brooklyn to
work with his father on apartments.
Trump then evolved from being a real estate developer and became a TV reality star. He
made a personal brand for himself believing that he could be what he wanted by creating a name
for himself. He has appeared in several cameo segments including “Sex in the City”, “
Zoolander” and many other. He has made several licensed products of his names including
vodka, board games, cologne and many others.

Surname 2

In 1976, trump, his father in partnership with the Hyatt Corporation decided to buy the
Commodore Hotel which is an old property situated in the midtown of Manhattan. They then
refurbished the property and it opened in 1980 as a great and big hotel called the Grand Hyatt
Hotel. From this point, he relocated and started being a developer in Manhattan.
In 1983, he built and bought several properties in New York City, some of t...

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