The Global Sex Trade and its Victims Essay

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Due Date: October 28 via Webcourses
This semester we will watch videos that are relevant to course content. Due to the nature
of discussion topics, the videos may contain graphic images of violence, sexual behavior,
and/or drug use. A short paper (3-4 pages, double-spaced) will be required for the film,
Sex Slaves. If you submit a paper that is less than 3 full pages you will receive a reduction
in points.

To earn credit for the assignment (50 points), you cannot simply summarize the film.
Instead, you must share your reaction to the video (what was your opinion of what
happened, what you were thinking while you watched the video, etc.), followed by an
articulation of how the video relates to relevant course material (both lecture and
readings). You need to connect the video to appropriate course content (this is what the
majority of your grade will be based on).

You are expected to submit a paper that is properly formatted with standard margins of
1” top and bottom, 1.25’ left and right. Be sure to include an introduction, body, and
conclusion within the paper.

If you use sources, you must cite them. If you need assistance with citation styles, the
UCF Writing Center has a helpful resource at

Please be sure to edit your work prior to handing it in. Grammatical and/or spelling errors
throughout the paper will result in a reduction of points.

I expect that you incorporate what we have discussed in class, as well as what you have
read in the textbook into your analysis. Should you choose to analyze a specific scene in
detail to situate the film in the context of class discussions and readings, that is fine, but
be sure not to limit yourself in terms of what you discuss. I want to be convinced that you
watched the film actively and analytically and that you are able to apply what we have
discussed throughout the semester to the film.

An “A” paper will have a focused argument, vivid examples, and demonstrate original
thinking on your part. It will also show that you understand the concepts covered in the
course materials and are able to apply them appropriately. Please provide well-chosen
examples and make relevant connections. Failure to meet the above mentioned
requirements and frequent unclear or awkward sentences and/or multiple grammatical
errors will result in a lower grade on the paper.


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Human trafficking is violence against human rights. Furthermore, it is a fundamental threat
to global safety. Human trafficking involves some form of deception, danger, or coercion for
exploitation, sexual gratification, or financial gain. Sex slavery is one of the frequent types of
human trafficking. Approximately more than five hundred thousand females are traded yearly
(Whitman, 2015). When an individual engages in commercial sexual activities due to force,
fraud, threats, and coercion, the individual is a victim of trafficking. Under these circumstances,
perpetrators involved in soliciting, harboring, recruiting, enticing an individual for that purpose
are the guilt of sex slavery. No nation is immune from this unfathomable violation of human
rights, resulting in psychiatric disorders and life-threatening infections (Bienstock, 1:14:471:15:09). This reflection paper will be centered on the “Sex Slave” documentary providing
detailed information on my perception about the documentary and supported by relevant
scholarly works.
Sex Slave: The Global Sex Trade and its Victims
“Sex Slave: The Global Sex Trade and its Victims” is a 2005 documentary by Ric Esther
Bienstock revealing a multi-billion dollar underground syndicate of global sex trafficking. The
documentary takes viewers to Moldova and Ukraine, where perpetrators frequently exploit
desperate women seeking to travel overseas for a better living (Bienstock, 04:35-05:07). The
traffickers lure and sell women and force them into prosti...

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