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This week’s discussion will focus on creating and designing a well thought out method section of the evaluation report. In this discussion, we will outline the responsibility of the evaluator (you).  You will also outline the activities in the methods section, including your evaluation questions, performance measures, data sources, frequency of collection and contact, and responsibilities that are necessary to ensure the objective of the report is accomplished. Your initial contribution should be 250 to 300 words in length and utilize an Evaluation Plan Methods Grid 2 as demonstrated on page 23 of your CDC required text.

Select one of the following issues:

  • Smoking Bans in Restaurants
  • Flu Shots for the Homeless
  • Implementing Coordinated School Health Programs
  • Laws Governing Children’s Crib/Bassinet Construction

In your posting, also consider you are a funder of one of these programs or a stakeholder, what would you want to see in this report?  How could the evaluator effectively show improvement in this report? Y

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Discussion: Flu shots for homeless people


Discussion: Flu shots for homeless people
As a funder of a flu shot for the homeless program, I would want to see how
many homeless people have been accessed and vaccinated against the flu. This will
show the program's impact on the target group's health, given the money spent on the
program implementation. According to Tetroe et al. (2008), program funders are
primarily interested in knowing how their funds have been utilized...

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