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AM 330 Global Sourcing of Textiles & Apparel Fall 2021 AM 330 TERM PROJECT (200 pts.) Due: December 1, 2021 OBJECTIVE: to advance students' understanding of the factors that may influence an international apparel company's sourcing decisions as well as the impact of those decisions on a company's profitability and reputation. DIRECTIONS: Students will work in teams of 3 to develop a critical analysis of the global sourcing strategies of an international apparel company, including examinations of sourcing locations and trade agreements. 1. Company Profile A. Provide a full description of company background, mission, and vision. B. Provide a full description of product assortment/lines C. Provide a full description of target market(s) D. Provide a critical analysis of the company's general sourcing practices and strategies (i.e., factors that influence the company's decisions for the procurement and/or production of goods. II. Sourcing Locations/Country Profiles A. Provide a critical analysis of three countries where raw or intermediate materials are procured, and finished goods are manufactured. Fully address/critique the positive and negative economic, political, geographic, comparative advantage/natural resources, social/cultural, technological, and social responsibility factors that make each location a viable (or not so viable) sourcing location. III. Trade Agreement A. Provide a full description/explanation of a trade agreement that directly impacts the company's sourcing decisions. Address the goals/purpose of the agreement, countries involved, industries involved (i.e., key product/service categories, specifically textiles and apparel), and background/history status of trade agreement negotiation/ratification. B. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the trade agreement as well as potential future challenges/developments. Guidelines page #s. → Written project should be 15-20 pages total (double-spaced text) and should include appropriate headings, subheadings, and ► Provide correct/full APA-format citations and references as needed. > Give careful attention to the quality of writing - clarity of meaning, grammar, and spelling. → Attach the grade sheet to your essay when submitting your work.
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(outline) Fashion Design Question
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I have provided a critical analysis of the following countries France, Germany and Belgium
regarding procurement of the raw materials and finished products for Hermes.

I have fully addressed the positive and negative factors affecting the suitability of these
countries as sources for the raw materials and production of Hermes products.

Factors addressed includes economic, political, geographic, social/cultural, technological
and many more.


Fashion Design Question
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France manufactures the majority of Hermes products. The company headquarters is in
Paris and houses more than 4,300 craftspeople, with 61.4% of its workforce located in France. The
critical element of Hermè's strategy is its maintenance of a large part of France's manufacturing
sector. Despite maintaining a significant role in France, the company owns some tanneries
globally, which ensures a steady supply of high-quality leather. For instance, d'Annonay tannery
provides raw materials to this global firm.
Some of the Viable factors for Hermes in France include; the company's four major
strengths that are; the creativity and skills of its craftspeople in designing high-quality products
that attract the global market, a real identity( it deals with a variety of products that contributes
largely to its growth, high level of innovation specifically in the field of technology which is crucial
in branding and marketing its products via media sources, and the fact that it remains an
independent family company (Xu, 2020). Raw materials for Hermes products are mainly available
in France, making its production units suitable in France. Human labor is available from more than
4,300 ...

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