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400 words writing assignment Objectives Case-based learning in business education requires students to apply knowledge learned to better understand business scenarios or to make managerial decisions. The objectives of this learning activity are to: • • evaluate business communications situations; and practice techniques for delivering bad news in a case study exercise. Description Consider the following case: You are a 26-year-old Internet entrepreneur who has built a platform specifically for the tween market to communicate with each other. Your primary goal is to create an environment in which young people can engage with social media but feel safe. You started your business because your cousin’s best friend attempted to commit suicide following an online bullying incident. You have made every effort to comply with laws regarding privacy, and, so far, have not allowed any targeted advertising, only banner advertising that is general in nature at the top of your page. All advertisers must comply with the ethical standards that you have established with input from various parent contributors. You are the CEO of the company, which is still privately owned, but the Board believes an initial public offering (IPO) is important to hold within the next 24 months. You have a team of more experienced people helping you to manage the operations and grow the enterprise. You recently hired a new Vice President of Marketing who is concerned about the financial model that the platform uses, and strongly suggests that the rules around advertising be relaxed as a means of expanding revenues. She feels that this will create a more favourable monetization strategy in preparation for the IPO. Despite all your efforts, you are suddenly made aware that an advertiser infiltrated your business and subjected your users, all tweens, to unsuitable materials. Parents are angry, and accounts are being closed. What will you do? Explain the rationale for your recommended actions.
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Individual Assignment #2 - Case Study

BUSI 1073 – Business Writing and Communications
Student Name:

Individual Assignment #2 - Case Study
Bad News
We wake up expecting good news from business contracts, employment, family, and
other life attachments almost every day. However, the reality is that what we get is terrible
news, but how we get them makes the difference. In the corporate world, bad news emanates
from different areas. We all get anxious to apply for a job even to attend the interviews. After
putting an extensive effort into the interview room, an interviewee gets over-excited.
However, after a few days, the interviewee received a phone call or an email that he did not
qualify. It is undeniable such bad news is heartbreaking. Everyone always expects positive
feedback or results after doing a particular process or task.
Communication is a crucial aspect of communicating either good or bad news. A
piece of well-planned bad news can positively transform the recipient's reaction towards bad
news. Therefore, communication of bad news should be well planned and passed through
using effective communication channels. This report examines the best mitigations measures
of bad news caused by denial of customer refund complaints as seen in the case study.
Background Information
Although customers are the key drivers of any business, their claims are sometimes
not viable. A Well-explained customer bad news may encourage retention rather than an
ambiguous explanation that only chases customers away. A good, bad news communication
should be well analyzed, composed, and evaluated (ACE steps). Analyzing bad news does a
business articulate the bad news and its effects on both the audience and the industry before
composing the message. On the other hand, evaluation enables a company to measure the
efficiency of the organized bad news. While denying customer claims, the medium to be used
should be well analyzed to avoid bad image issues. Another aspect to consider is whether to

use direct or indirect communication. In this case, the Indirect approach softens bad news
compared to a straightforward system which may trigger anger in the audience.
A good, bad news communication should observe the three steps of ACE: analyzing,
composing, and evaluating. The first analysis should start by asking what the bad news is. In
our case study, the bad news is that Remco will not refund the clie...

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