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Chapter 11 Crimes of the Powerful: Theories of White-Collar Crime

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Directions: Please answer two (2) of the following four (4) questions.

  1. Explain how strain theories, control theories, and social learning theories influenced many of the theories of white-collar crime.
  2. How does organizational culture impact white-collar crime? What aspects of the upperworld culture are criminogenic? How does one address these criminogenic elements?
  3. Describe the role of rational choice theory and the techniques of neutralization in the decision to commit white-collar crime. How does a white-collar offender’s decision to commit crime compare to a street criminal’s decision to commit crime?
  4. How were theories of white-collar crime developed? Why did scholars feel there was a need to have theories specifically focused on white-collar crime?

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Chapter 11 Crimes of the Powerful: Theories of White-Collar Crime
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Question 3
The rational choice theory states that offenders are rational in the decisions they make.
Often, criminals engage their minds in a cost-effective analysis of their actions. When the
benefits gained from committing a crime outweigh the punishment's pain, the perpetrators
commit a crime. White-collar crime is a...

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