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• Define different perspectives and concepts of problem solving in diverse contexts and business situations.

• Explain and apply critical thinking and cognitive psychology as it pertains to analyzeand synthesize information for problem solving and decision making.

• Demonstrate decision tools and employ appropriate analytical business models to break down complex issues.

• Analyze ethical issues and dilemmas that businesses often face and employ ethical standards in all manners and circumstances.

Critical Thinking Case studies:

It came to the attention of the Mr. Faisal Al Qarni, CEO of a Alqarni company (A small Jeddah based company) that there was a difficulty between two employees who had been working together for some time but recently appeared to have major differences that were affecting their entire department.

Two employees Amal and Haifa had been working together for a few years. They were in the same department and reported to the same departmental manager. Amal had been at the company longer and was senior to Haifa. 

Mr. Faisal was being approached by both Amal and Haifa at different times. They complaint against each other about the harassment and bullying. Mr. Faisal asked HR Manager to listen their issues and try to resolve as soon as possible. HR Manager has spent increasing amounts of time speaking to them, taking notes of their points and comments, meeting with their department manager.

Haifa had felt under pressure from Amal since she joined the company. She raised the issue with her departmental manager; however, she felt that nothing had changed. Both the parties were accusing the other of bullying and harassment.

Amal had a no-nonsense approach and felt that some aspects of Haifa’s work needed improvement. She had asked for these changes in ways that she felt had been clear and fair. Haifa kept going to management with the allegation of bullying by Amal.

Haifa felt her work performance had been made subject to very public comment in team meetings and she felt embarrassed and singled out. She felt she could do no right as far as Amal was concerned. She liked her job. It was close to her home so she was able to take her children to school and pick them up on her way home.

Both parties were thinking about leaving if the situation could not be worked out. They reluctantly agreed to mediation but neither wanted to change jobs.

Consider yourself as HR Manager and resolve the entire issue. 

Assignment Question(s):

1. What are the main problem and subproblems of the case? Based on the following technique, identify the causes of problem?

a. Cause of the problem- 5 Why Technique

a. Why-1

b. Why-2

c. Why-3

d. Why-4

e. Why-5

b. Develop a Cause-and-Effect Diagram 

2. What information should you gather, that would be helpful to know before making a decision?

3. Develop a mind map to generate several choices of your decision. As HR Manager, what will be your decision to resolve this issue?

4. HR Manager may face Ethical dilemma in resolving the issue and finding solutions. What could be possible ethical issues in the above case? 

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1.What is the main problem and subproblems of the case? Based on the following
technique, identify the causes of the problem?

Bullying in the workplace is the primary issue here. Bullying at work can harm a person's
mental and physical health (Rex-Lear, Knack, & Jensen-Campbell, 2012). Both parties complain
about each other's work and feel violated as a result of their unreasonable behavior toward each
other, which is one of the subproblems of this mini case.
a. Cause of the problem- 5 Why Technique
a. Why-1- Amal had been putting pressure on Haifa since she started working for the

b. Why-2- Haifa felt her work performance had been scrutinized in front of the entire
team during team meetings.
c. Why-3- They made complaints about harassment and bullying against one another.
d. Why-4- Haifa continued to complain to management about Amal's bullying
e. Why-5- They agreed to mediation very grudgingly because neither of them wanted to
change employment.
b. Develop a Cause-and-Effect Diagram



Paranoid thinking;
Ideas of Reference
Ideas of Persecution

Perception of the
negative experience
Workplace bullying

Negative effect/mood
Depression, Anxiety, and

Negative consequence
Intentions of
workplace deviance

Figure 1; Cause-and-Effect Diagram
2. What information should you gather, that would be helpful to know before making a
The following information should be considered bef...

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