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You will write a 550-word (EXCLUDING citations) essay that is opinion-based on the session's topic ( I will put it down). Include your insights and cite 4 references supporting articles as needed.

You may also use a 1 or 2 pieces in the essay from my discussion post contribution.

THIS IS THE SESSION TOPIC  Intellectual Property  in the Real World and on the Internet.  ( This coming week you will continue the slides and discussion on Intellectual Property by looking at the different copyright models now being proposed.  Since Richard Stallman founded the Free Software Foundation in 1985 which resulted in Open Source software, many  internet "radicals" have been pushing for open software and open copyrights. (check out to find out more about the Free Software Foundation. Lessig founded the Creative Commons, which uses “copyleft” instead of “copyright.”  Discuss pros and cons of copyleft vs copyright.  How are real world copyright laws enforced on the Internet? Another interesting development in the copyright domain is the creation and trading of unique NFTs (non-fungible tokens) as a new online art form.  You will want to look up NFTs and discuss whether or not they fit under a new type of copyright.


Creative commons emerge to be an American non-profit organization and an international network that is typically devoted to the aspects to do with educational access and the expansion of the range of the creative works that emerge to be available for the other to build legally upon them also share. The organization came to life in 2001, and this was by one Lessig alongside other directors of the board. The organization was subsidized to help the writer of an article beat the issues related to upgrading inventiveness while tending to the world's fiascos (Tambo et al., 2020). The firm has embraced the copyleft license, which awards others the position to adjust scholarly work uninhibitedly. Nonetheless, a few difficulties are confronted when a copyleft license is utilized compared to a copyright license.

Pros of copyleft vs. Copyright


Usually, a copyleft license is free of charge. If there is any consultation that is charged is usually less

With a copyleft license, there is usually a right to work with the parent software as per the needs of the consumer

The modifier may employ the derivate work without having to incur a high cost.

With a copyleft license, no middle-man is involved. The vendor pr cost fee is required to be paid.

Copyleft license usually promotes improvement and efficiency.


When an organization or anybody builds up Copyright for their work, it applies immediately to whatever they distribute going forward.

Copyright laws were set up to secure those in the creative fields. The enactment informs those inside the inventive fields how to manage the break of Copyright in a civil setting.

Suppose one's organization possesses a copyright on a particular work that is enlisted with the Copyright Office. In that case, they can demand a court order that orders the encroaching party to quit it immediately regarding distribution or execution of the referred work.

Cons of copyleft vs. Copyright


There might be additional costs of using the plugin models

It might not always incentivize labor

To control unfettered use and malice may pose an issue


There is a registration process, and some fees applied

It is expensive for the owners to enforce

There is ambiguity.

It is usually hard to have copyright laws enforced on the internet. This is because, through the internet, one can access anything, and having such laws might hinder people from accessing some data and information.


Tambo, JA, Baraké, E., Kouevi, A., & Munthali, GT (2020). Copyright or copyleft: an assessment of farmer-innovators' attitudes towards intellectual property rights. Journal of Rural Studies, 74 , 133-141.

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Copyleft and Copyright
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Copyleft and Copyright
Pros of Copyleft versus Copyright
Copyleft is a license that facilitates functions of the intellectual property in a way that it
can collaboratively be used and updated. Through this license, barriers are eliminated and the
beneficiaries enjoy the associated freedom by creating works important to a set of members who
are licensed. It facilitates the progressive acquisition and provides potential users with the same
rights given to the creator. With a copyleft license, an individual can utilize and create work.
This way, future users easily get similar rights. For example, a product that has a copyleft license
can be shared in the community. Conveniently, other licensed users can download digital
products such as music. The person who downloads the digital product can then make changes to
the original product (Tambo et al., 2010). The action is legally accepted. Copyleft is an
advantageous strategy for most software and technology-related products because it supports
advancements and improvements of existing products. Generally, copyleft makes it possible for
code creation to occur among certain people efficiently (Tambo et al., 2010).
Copyrights are directly included in an authentic product such as a book, website content,
photograph, software code, or poem. This way, it helps the creator secure content against
unwarranted access or use. It provides certain content creators the total rights to manipulate the
product through copy distribution, broadcasting, perform and displaying them publicly at their
pleasure. The decision for the product to be used by other people can only be given by the
creator. There is a legal exhibit of product ownership. This ensures that disputes can be avoided
because the copyright registration shows the owner. In case of infringement, the owner of the
content can launch a lawsuit. This provides enforceable rights in courts due to the registration
(Tambo et al., 2010).
On the internet, digital content can be disregarded by visitors due to the idea that it is old
and unreliable. Contents such as blogs experience this problem because individuals that go
through blogs use more than one blog with similar topics. It becomes annoying to find similar
content every time one browses the internet. Another problem is the possibility of content being
ignored by the search engines. There are also penalties due to duplications of content (Wark,
Copyrights discourage sharing. It does not allow other people to reproduce, show or
perform work that has been copyrighted. This can be disadvantageous to the owner because their
work might not be marketed as widely as the owner would like. There is also unreliable
protection provided by copyright. Copyright protection is only limited to certain expressions of

ideas. The...

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