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What are some similarities and differences between the original Peter Pan and the new movie Pan?

Feb 12th, 2015


Adult vs Kid


Mustache vs no Mustache

Red vs Green for Color of Costumes

Pan hasn't lost a fight to Hook

Hook is a vengeful pirate obssessed with getting even while Pan is a carefree kid

Pan wears tights

Hat Styles and Costume styles

Hook is feared plus hated while Pan is admired and liked

One leads kids the other Pirates that are Adults

Height, Weight

Hero vs Villain

Hook has long hair past his neck

Peter Pan Still has all body parts

Hook has a Hook

Kids hate Hook but like Peter Pan

Hook continues to be Pan's whipping boy

Peter Pan can fly

Captain Hook got this name from a humiliating defeat while Peter Pan has been able to keep his real name


Both fight with Swords

Both owned by the same company Walt Disney

Two Fictional Characters

Both have fought each other multiple times, and have a strong rivalry that is sure to be depicted more times

They are two opposites but One needs the Other Joker is the Archenemy of Batman, Green Goblin of Spiderman, Lex Luthor of Superman, Captain Hook has that same relationship with Peter Pan as he is Peter Pan's archenemy.

Both Males

Both Have been depicted in much lots of Media

Two Beloved Disney Characters that A lot of People Know

Both are Merchandised

Both Live in Neverland

Both are leaders of people that are the same as them kids for Pan, Pirates for Hook

Both interact with Wendy

Both Wear Hats

Both Interact with Kids

Both White

Both Wear Costumes that People wouldn't wear in the Real World for Regular Clothes with exceptions such as Halloween

Both are Foes that refuse to leave Neverland



Feb 13th, 2015

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Feb 12th, 2015
Feb 12th, 2015
Aug 22nd, 2017
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