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Your second critical essay on The Grapes of Wrath, must be submitted through before 7:45 a.m., on November 8, 2021. It must be word processed, using Times New Roman and 12 point font. It must be double-spaced with one inch margins. You must respond to the prompt fully ensuring your response is your own work. Refer to the "checklist" that is under the files tab to ensure that your work was reviewed and revised thus showing you paid special attention to the content and grammar. More importantly, you should also check the rubric that is used to assess your work.

Identify and explain the character and an incident (in which your chosen character is not involved) that had a profound impact on the outcome of the story. Then, explain Steinbeck's motive for the suffering that was endured by the Joad family by discussing what you think he felt the reader needed to understand about their plight and why this was necessary. 

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Michael Joseph Smith Mr. Cudal English 3A February 1, 2022 Block # 3 Guidelines, Checklist and Parameters for Writing Your Paper Note: These are in no particular order. 1. Use Times New Roman and 12 - point font 2. Use one-inch margins (top to bottom and side to side) 3. Double-space between lines (NOT 1 ½ or 3 spaces) – use one side of the paper (only) 4. Use paragraph (form) and indent your paragraphs 5. Read the question / prompt fully and ensure you understand what is being asked/required 6. Brainstorm and use an outline – pre-write 7. Write a first draft – PROOFREAD! 8. Revise your first draft – PROOFREAD! 9. Re-write it and revise it a second time – third time ??? – PROOFREAD! 10. Did you answer / respond to the question / prompt fully? – PROOFREAD! 11. Your heading includes your full name, instructor’s name, subject, date, Block #, – placed in the upper left-hand corner (all single-spaced) [SEE ABOVE – TOP LEFT-HAND CORNER OF THIS PAGE] 12. Skip one line - Title Your Paper (underline - ?) The title should capture the reader’s interest. 13. Do Not use the pronoun, “I” (I believe…, I feel…, I think…, etc.) 14. Do Not use contractions in a formal paper (don’t, doesn’t, can’t, etc.) 15. Do Not abbr. (U.S., Devlin H.S., etc.) 16. Do Not begin a sentence with a conjunction (And, Because, But, etc.) 17. Do Not end a sentence with a preposition. (Where do you work at? Where is he going to?) 18. Do Not mix verb tenses. Use the same verb tense throughout your paper. (The main character is in her twenties and was superstitious.) 19. Do Not separate a proper noun at the end of a line and continue on the next line. Example→ Saint Augustine High School 20. Do Not use (parentheses in your paper). 21. Periods and commas go inside quotation marks. Betty said, “I do not understand this.” 22. Do Not split an infinitive. (to understand) not (to really understand)– (to laugh) not (to always laugh) 23. Do Not give an opinion – Use facts and provide evidence (cite your sources) 24. Avoid using (in the story, throughout the novel, the book said, in the class, etc.) 25. Always underline titles of books. 26. NEVER use (thing, a lot, is when, was when, due to…, stuff, and any other “slang-type” words or expressions) 27. When referring to a character from the story, use the last name of the character – exceptions: Gatsby, Huck, Holden, Jem, Scout, etc. See Mr. Cudal about other stories that will be read in this class. 28. Use these words correctly: their, there, (they are and not they’re), its, (it is and not it’s) 29. Never re-tell the story – answer / respond to the question / prompt – STAY ON THE TOPIC! 30. Avoid personal opinions unless it is asked 31. Clear thesis, evidence, summary / conclusion, - cite your sources 32. Last name and page number after the 1st page (Smith – 2, Smith – 3) placed in upper right hand corner 33. Take pride in what you write, and make sure you are satisfied with your submission. Other Advice: Do not leave the assignment until the last minute. Brainstorm and prepare an outline first to ensure organization. Check with Mr. Cudal to see if you are on the right track/path or to ensure you understand the prompt. Allow time for editing. (A first or second draft is never a final draft). Protect YOUR work from others.
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The author of The Grapes of wrath narrates the story in the novel and deeply
describes the events that happen in a sequence manner full of experiences of different
characters and providing historical analysis. The author, in his narration, traces the history of
an Oklahoma family that migrated to California and the hardships they faced till the end. This
paper will identify a character and an incident that has a profound impact on the story. Also,
this paper will discuss the motive of the author is narrating the suffering that the family
endures and why it was necessary to inform the reader about their plight.
In the novel, my character of choice is Tom Joad. Tom spends four years in prison,
and after his release, he joins his family, who plans to move to California to seek farm jobs.
Like many other families in Oklahoma, Tom’s family is coerced to listen to rumors about
jobs in California to offer labor in farms. According to Steinbeck (2021), Tom was
imprisoned for manslaughter, and after his release, he claims the prison experience molded
him into the person he is present with, and he now devotes his time and energy fully. Tom is
less concerned with the future, and to him, it seems illusionary. Tom profoundly impacted the
story since he possesses rare traits of strength, moral certainty, and a sense of thoughtfulness.
In the novel, Tom is revealed as a person who upholds a carpe diem, but he is transformed
into someone who strives to better the future with time. The decision to change profoundly
impacts the story and brings out a devoted trait.
Different incidents happened, and most of which impacted the story Was the incident
that Rose of Sharon breastfeeding a starving man despite the hardships they encountered in
California. The family suffered losses, and amid their suffering, Connie abandons his wife
while pregnant. However, she rises above the hardships and shows generosity and act of



kindness to the starving man. This incident profoundly impacts the story her act of
envisioning value for human life.
Steinbeck’s motive in the story is to show how the migrants suffered greatly and the
cause being their fellow humans. The narration reveals how people were separated into
classes of the rich and poor. The migrants faced a lot of injustices. For instance, the rich took
advantage of their labor and paid them little salaries. This narration draws a line through the
division in the world between the poor and the rich in the present society.
The Joads family were migrant workers in California, and they had established loyalty
towards one another, which reveals the value of true kinship. They join together and move to
a new land in search of survival despite the hardships faced. Fellow homies warned them that
the rumors about job opportunities were illusionary, but they still went ahead to leave their
matrimonial hometown. The author narrates their tribulations at the beginning of the story. In
the last chapters of the story, the Joads family stands as moral figures since they refused to be
broken by the situations that conspired against them as a family and migrants. Steinbeck

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