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Approximately 70%–75% of homicides are committed with firearms. Write 4–5 pages that answer the following questions:

Part 1

Explain how a handgun is manufactured, most specifically the bore of the barrel. Why is rifling present in the bore of the barrel? What is the purpose of rifling?Compare and contrast a revolver versus a semiautomatic handgun. How is the caliber of a handgun determined? Explain the difference between a bullet, shell casing, and a projectile. When examining a handgun, projectile, or shell casing, provide examples of class and individual characteristics. What is the difference between a perforating gunshot wound and a penetrating gunshot wound? Compare and contrast the characteristics of an entrance wound versus an exit wound. 

Part 2

What are the characteristics that might exist or not exist for determining the muzzle-to-target distance?There are four ranges. At each range, what is the muzzle-to-target distance?contact to near contactclose rangemedium rangedistant rangeExplain the characteristics that might exist or not exist at each range. For example, a bullet hole will be a characteristic at each range.What types of evidence would an investigator document from a handgun of a death scene?

Cite all references using APA citation format.

The following guidelines will be used for grading:


Part 1: The students answer all questions posed and supports their answers.

40%Part 2: The students answer all questions posed and supports their answers.
5%The students use APA references and citations to support their research.
1200  words 

and 3 references 

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