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Help me study for my Business Law class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

The final report determines if a case will be prosecuted.

Discuss in detail the information which needs to be included in the final report.

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So far the VFX Learning Open Source Project has published all 120 hours of training videos for Introduciton to Maya for Effects, Maya Dynamics Level 1, 2 and Master as well as Getting Wet with Maya and RealFlow. We are doing this  both in  English and Spanish. So far we have received over 107,000 video views from 150 countries around the world , with an average of 23,000 additional views per month. 

At the same time our crowdfunding campaigns have not being able to collect any contributions in the last 6 weeks which is quite a contrast given the worldwide acceptance of our material. 

I created this campaign as the last chance to save the Open Source Project. Given that I cannnot motetize this videos on Youtube or Vimeo I will need the support of everyone who is actively watching and following my training. 

If we reach the campaign goal I will continue to host online all the 120+ hours of video trainng both on our website and on Vimeo for one full year. If the goal is not reached I will remove all recordings from the servers at the end of this campaign. 

You can learn more about each course topics and description and watch the recordings on our website

 We also have a Vimeo channel where you can also see the entire list of recordings:

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