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Worksheet #6 1- Calculate the pH of a buffer containing initial concentrations of [NH3] = 0.21 M and [NH4+] = 0.14 M. The Kb of NH3 is 1.8 × 10–5. 2- Calculate the relative concentrations of acetate ion and acetic acid that must be used to make a buffer solution with a pH of 4.00. The Ka of acetic acid is 1.8 × 10–5. 3- Calculate the pH of the following solutions. a. 0.150 mol of acetic acid (HC2H3O2) and 0.195 mol of sodium acetate (NaC2H3O2) in 1.0 L b. 0.0300 mol of solid NaOH added to the buffer from part (a) with no change in volume c. 0.0300 mol of solid NaOH added to 1.000 L of pure water 4- 35.00 mL of a 0.180 M NaOH solution is titrated with a 0.150 M solution of HCl. a. Determine the pH before any HCl is added. b. Determine the pH after 15.75 mL of HCl solution is added. c. Determine the volume of HCl that is needed to reach the equivalence point. d. Determine the pH of the solution after 43.25 mL of HCl solution is added. 5- 20.0 mL of a 0.150 M solution of ammonia (NH3, Kb = 1.8 × 10–5; assume 𝑥 < 5%) is titrated with a 0.200 M solution of HCl. Determine the pH at these points. a. b. c. d. prior to the addition of HCl at half of the equivalence point at the equivalence point when the equivalence point has been reached and 1.2 mL of excess HCl has been added to the solution 6- A saturated solution of iron(II) sulfide contains 4.0 × 10–10 M Fe2+ and 4.0 × 10–10 M S2–. Calculate Ksp for iron(II) sulfide. 7- Calculate the molar solubility of BaF2. The Ksp of BaF2 is 1.84 x 10-7. 8- The solubility of Ba(NO3)2 is 27.50 g/L. Calculate the Ksp of Ba(NO3)2. 9- Equal volumes of a solution of 0.0015 M AgClO4 and a solution of 0.0015 M NaCl are mixed. Will AgCl precipitate? Ksp is equal to 1.77 x 10-10.
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