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You are the social worker with the child within the video,ReMoved - YouTube . In your role, you must assess what next steps will be in the best interest of the child, and you will have to present your assessment to a foster care court judge. Given that your decisions will have an impact on the child, you will need to also include a historical context for your professional opinion. The judge will make a determination regarding parental rights, as well as placement options, based upon your professional assessment.

    • Discuss and identify the various theories and the components of the theories that need to be considered within your work with the child. Please include specific concepts from your readings or lectures as your support and include at least TWO theories. You must identify and define the concepts and propositions connected to those theories that help to support your assessment (ex: behavioral theory, cognitive behavioral theory, systems perspective, etc. )
    • Be sure to specify the stage of development that you consider is most important within the child’s history and discuss why the stage is important. Utilize theory to support your assessment here as well.
    • Identify risk and protective factors that may present issues in your work with the child. Present ways to overcome the impact of those factors and identify which theories support your perspective.

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Outline for a Social work Case

Introduction of two theories
Discussion of behavioral theory and cognitive behavioral theory
Discussion of developmental stage and suggestions
Discussing risk factors and protective factors

There are two theories that I will use to help understand the behavior of Zoe and use these
theories to explain how Zoe can be helped. The two theories are behavioral theory of learning
and cognitive behavioral theory.
The behavioral theory of learning suggests that the development and behavior of people can
be understood through observation and external stimuli exerted by the person’s environment
(Fairburn et al., 1999). This theory focuses on h...

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