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I am going to give you points from Nouwen wounded healer can you write it in a christian perspective? when can you have this done 2 pages this is an example " 

Probably the biggest thing that jumps out at me as I think about what I just read is his point that we, like Jesus, are called to be wounded healers use our individual wounds to assist in authentically helping heal others' wounds. ( Pg. 88) His thoughts brought me to the realization that Jesus doesn't always necessarily take away whatever pain we are suffering from or experiencing; rather he enters into our pain w/ us, comforts us, and strengthens us to endure it, all the while promising us that a day will come when we will no longer experience that particular pain

*Let your wounds be a source of healing for yourself and others”

* Compassion must become the core, and even the nature, of authority.”

*None of us can help anyone without becoming involved, without entering with our whole person into the painful situation, without taking the risk of becoming hurt, wounded, or even destroyed in the process.”

* The compassionate person who points to the possibility of forgiveness helps others to free themselves from the chains of their restrictive shame, allows them to experience their own guilt, and restores their hope for a future in which the lamb and the lion can lie down together.”

* For ministers who are committed to forming a community of faith, loneliness is a very painful wound that is easily subject to denial and neglect. But once the pain is understood, denial is no longer necessary, and ministry can become a healing service.”

· “What does hospitality as a healing power require? It requires first of all that hosts feel at home in their own house, and second, that they create a free and fearless place for the unexpected visitor (no selfish intentions; creating space).”

· “Loneliness, confusion or doubt can only be dealt with creatively when they are understood as wounds integral to our human condition.”

· “Shared pain is no longer paralyzing, but mobilizing.”

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