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Healthcare Spending and Services
Healthcare data at a community, county, or region level and state level determine healthcare spending and services allocated for individuals. Using the the Internet, research about these data as it will help you build a reality of costs of care for the healthcare system and beyond.
Research the geographic region of Virginia, for data that is commonly used in health services systems. This includes census data, vital statistics data (birth, deaths, marriages, and divorces), surveillance data, administrative data, and survey research data. Keep in mind that most of this data will come from federal, state, or local offices that are federally mandated, but don’t stop there. You may find data in other surprising places.
Based on your readings and research, answer the following:
 Which office contains the health-related data identified above?

-How do people go about enrolling for Medicare and Medicaid in your community?
-Describe the eligibility requirements and costs, if any, for each of these types of subsidized care.
-Coverage for acute care, including hospitalization
-Coverage for preventive care
-Outpatient services
-Specialty services, such as mental health, rehabilitation, etc.
Describe the services listed above in the format of a fact sheet.  Very important this assignment has to be done in the format of a FACT SHEET in APA format.

As in all assignments, cite your sources in your work and provide references for the citations in APA format.

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