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1. Why is training such a critical strategic issue for organizations? How might training and development change in the future?

2. THE marketplace for temporary and contingent employment seems to be exploding. What are reasons that an employer may wish to use this as a tactic to bring staff into the organization. What are the pitfalls that might develop as a result of this choice?

3.employment branding and Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) using Twitter, Facebook and other social media strategies are relatively new trends in the marketplace for talent. Have you experienced any of these initiatives? What did you think of the experience? Do you think these initiatives bring value to an organization seeking talent

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Human resource management


Human resource management
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Human resource management


1. Training is a very crucial strategy that organizations must employ. First and foremost, training
allows the human resource management to assess the abilities skills and knowledge of the
employees. Management gets to understand the areas that every individual will fit in so as to
maximize production. Secondly, for improvement of the quality of work and production within
an organization, it is necessary to develop employees as it has a huge contribution to this. In
addition to this, the absenteeism and staff turnover is reduced with training and also help to keep
the improvement of motivation among the employees. Competition is almost in every market and
to stay ahead of this training and development is necessary which must be accompanied by
innovation and reinvention. This can only be achieved through a wide range of learning actions.
Last but not least, the employees and even the management itself need a frequent training so that
they can cope with the changing technology and stay current as much as possible. Therefore a
good training in an organization goes hand in hand with the company-wide strategy and it must
always involve the organizational performance and business goals.
Training and development are expected to change in the future because the world is also
changing with a lot of technology being introduced. The learning at schools, colleges, and even
universities will not rely on the future in workplaces. At every organization, learning and
development are expected to be an integral part. This should be at every level and job within an
organization. There are predictions tha...

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