Religious beliefs among Balinese

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After watching the video please write a 800 word double space essay, compose a clear, well organized essay that addresses the following question prompts.  Your essay should draw mostly from the video a

  • What religious beliefs and behaviors did you see among the Balinese?  (What religious symbols, figures, forces, places, stories, do they give meaning to, and what rituals or other behaviors do they engage in to worship, communicate with, or influence these figures or forces?)
  • What similarities do you see between yourself and your culture and the Balinese in terms of their religious beliefs and behavior?
  • What kinds of art do the Balinese make, and what is the role and significance of art in Balinese life? 
  • What similarities and differences do you see between art among the Balinese and art in your life and your society?
  • How has their culture been changing due to the place of Bali in a global economy and culture?

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