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Final Exam

This exam covers all readings, course activities, and lecture content assigned from Modules 01 through 06. Choose one of the five questions below. Write an essay response of 250-300 words. In your response, be sure to refer to specific concepts from the readings, lecture notes, and/or discussions, and use these concepts to support your points. Please state the question prior to your answer.

  1. Explain what sociologist Howard S. Becker meant when he said, "it is not the act itself, but the reaction to the act, that make something deviant."
  2. Explain the difference between individual and institutional discrimination, giving examples of each type of discrimination. Then explain how these forms of discrimination are different from prejudice and stereotypes.
  3. Of the three theories of global stratification (modernization theory, dependency theory, and world systems theory), which do you think is most relevant or useful for understanding global inequality? Explain why in detail, using specific examples to support your points.
  4. Explain how functional theory would interpret the causes and consequences of technological advances in American society. Choose one particular type of technology to focus on, such as texting or social networking via Facebook or Twitter.
  5. Compare and contrast two social movement theories, such as deprivation theory and resource mobilization theory. Use examples from a specific social movement to support your points



Course Project - Submission

The final version of your course project should be submitted to the drop box below. Your final project should build from the proposal and reference list you submitted in Module 02.

Check to be sure your final submission includes the following:

  • 4-5 pages of text in addition to having a title and reference page, all in correct APA format.
  • A strong thesis statement supported by research from at least 5 different sources. In a research-based project like this, it is important to refer to and cite your sources throughout the paper to show where your information is coming from and to support your points.
  • Incorporation of key sociological concepts while consistently demonstrating the sociological perspective. Your paper should apply one of the major sociological theories to the movement you have chosen, explaining how that theory would evaluate the development of the movement and its successes and failures.

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Running Header: COURSE PROPOSAL 1 Women rights movement is a group formed to fight for gender equality (Goss, 2013). Some of these rights include; rights to vote, right to equal opportunities and reproductive health rights. Women since ancient days have been viewed as weaker human beings. This resulted to them being denied equal opportunities in comparison with men in the society. They have been discriminated in many social forums like political campaigns. Women have been given roles and therefore assuming roles traditionally held by men becomes very difficult (Millns and Whitty, 2013). Women liberation in the United States can be dated back in the 1820s when the first group was formed (Friedan, 2013). The main aim of this group was to fight for equal chances for women in the society that was male dominated. The movement has achieved a lot in relation to positioning women in the society. This milestone has resulted to Women vying for the presidency in the United States and moreover, women owning property of their own and are not discriminated in the workplaces. This has earned them respect among men and has reduced their discrimination. By carrying out this research, I would like to know the current status of women in the United States. The fight of women is multifaceted to include cultures, religion and ethnicity and the research will be more interesting. This has resulted to deterrents in the fight of women liberation. This research will help in determining other factors that have resulted in failures or achievements in this movement. Finally, the research will help in identifying various women movement and their goals and objectives. COURSE PROPOSAL In conclusion, women movement has done so much in relation to women empowerment. They have led to women liberation and currently, women are held as equal to men. Since their formation, they have tremendous achievements that have resulted in women fighting for the same position with men. 2 COURSE PROPOSAL 3 Reference Friedan, B. (2013). The feminine mystique. Goss, K. A. (2013). The paradox of gender equality: How American women's groups gained and lost their public voice. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press Millns, S., & Whitty, N. (2013). Feminist perspectives on public law. London: Cavendish. ...

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