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Current Event (CR/NC): For this assignment, you need to report on one current event/issue that you have read about in the media that relates to organizations and communication in some way. Specifically, you need to: 1. Identify a current news event (e.g., newspapers, magazines, Internet). 2. Provide a summary, in your own words, of the event/key issues. 3. Discuss how the event relates to one class concept from the text or from my lecture materials not in the text (e.g., cultural diversity, leadership, social reality, and so on). Note: Make sure your event/issue is related to organizations and you are explicit in describing how communication is related to the event/issue. GRADING: Grading will be based on your adherence to the requirements listed above, level of sophistication in writing your report, and attention to basic upper division writing skills (e.g., spelling, grammar, syntax). Each report should not exceed one page (single-spaced). Your report is due no later than Monday, November 29 but can be turned in earlier. Time permitting, we will be able to hear and discuss some of these reports in class. Submit your papers to me as a Word document. Remember—it’s not whether you send it to me it’s whether I receive it. Once I receive the paper, I’ll will acknowledge it with an email message to you.
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The Current news is 'Are people lying more since the rise of social media
and smartphones?' Of course, people have more means to interact because of the internet, but has
it offered them greater possibilities to lie? For example, to preserve dignity...

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