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- Ben Collins plans to buy a house for $180,000. If the real estate in his area is expected to increase in value by 1 percent each year, what will its approximate value be seven years from now?

- If you desire to have $8,500 for a down payment for a house in four years, what amount would you need to deposit today? Assume that your money will earn 6 percent.

- Carla Lopez deposits $3,100 a year into her retirement account. If these funds have an average earning of 7 percent over the 40 years until her retirement, what will be the value of her retirement account?

- If a person spends $10 a week on coffee (assume $500 a year), what would be the future value of that amount over 7 years if the funds were deposited in an account earning 3 percent?

- If you borrow $14,000 with a 7 percent interest rate to be repaid in seven equal payments at the end of the next 7 years, what would be the amount of each payment?

- The Fram family has liabilities of $136,000 and a net worth of $346,000. What is the debt ratio?

- Carl Lester has liquid assets of $3,180 and current liabilities of $3,411. What is his current ratio?

Benjamin Jefferson, a single adult with no dependents, has chosen to itemize deduction and arrived at the following tax information:
 Gross salary$53,360  Interest earnings$210  
 Dividend income$150  One personal exemption$3,700 
 Itemized deductions$8,400  Adjustments to income$1,070 
What amount would Benjamin report as taxable income?

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