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I chose "Thanksgiving"

Write an essay that explores how and why key elements such as character or symbols from the drama of your choice (Simply Maria, POOF! or "Thanksgiving") relate to one or two of the themes from Unit 1 in a particular way, using at least one scholarly source. Review what you learned from Unit 4.1 Discussion - Exploring Themes in Drama. Some important contexts you may to consider are:

  • The dialogue

The setting

  • The plot

The cultural context

The time period in which the drama was written (vs. the one in which it is set, if applicable)

You are encouraged to use your outline from (LO 10) Unit 4.3 Assignment - Developing a Thesis and Outline for Your Drama Essay as a guide for your essay's logical flow, but if you wish to change your focus or your drama choice, you can.

Review the pages Sample Play Analysis: Andre's Mother and the Starting Your Drama Analysis Essay as guidelines for how to approach your analysis.

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Keyonna Anthony English II November 5,2021 Thesis statement for drama "Thanksgiving," Master of None episode 8, season 2 (2017) “Even though Catherine is strongly opposed to Denises sexuality, her daughters strong-will and several interactions with her partners make her understand and support her, the play suggests that being gay is not hard when accepted and people do not have a choice on their sexuality thus emphasizing the need of family bonds and support.” To begin with, Denise discovered she was gay at the age of twelve, a very tender age even before experiencing any similar relationships. Denise did not choose to be inclined to homosexuality. Denise shares with her friend Dev first about her findings, clearly showing the stigma and fear of homosexuality. Secondly, when Denise discloses to her mom, during one of their thanksgiving dinners, about her sexuality, she is severely condemned. Denise is willed solid and attends subsequent thanksgiving dinners with her partners. Catherine, Denise's mom, is unhappy with her daughter's actions even after reprimanding her for being gay. After interactions with a different partner for Denise, Catherine understands her daughter's happiness and fully accepts her. After acceptance, everyone enjoys thanksgiving emphasizing the wonders of family support.
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Homosexuality and Other Themes in Drama Episode

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Homosexuality and Other Themes in Drama Episode
Denise struggles with being gay and is initially afraid to come out. She discloses her
sexuality to Dev, his only trusted. She discovers that she like girls when she is only twelve years
old. It is a big burden to carry because she says she did not choose to be gay. The information
remains secret between her and Dev until she tells her mother, Catherine. In thanksgiving day of
2006, she is prepared to tell her mother that she does not like boys and expects her mother to get
mad at her. Even though Catherine is strongly opposed to Denise's sexuality, her daughter's
strong will and several interactions with Denise's partners make her understand and support her.
The play suggests that being gay is not hard when accepted, and people do not have a choice on
their sexuality, thus emphasizing the need for family bonds and support.
The drama episode revolves around different themes. However, the two that stand up are
homosexuality in black families and minorities in the American population. At twelve years,
Denise knows that bei...

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