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Then answer this question: In this era of world wide terrorism, should the NSA be able to access Americans emails at anytime without getting a search warrant from the courts.

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Question: In this era of world-wide terrorism, should the NSA be able to access Americans
emails at any time without getting a search warrant from the courts?
The question as to whether or not the NSA should be able to access Americans’ emails, at
any time, without first acquiring a court-ordered search warrant, has been ever-prevalent in
American politics for the last few years. This is in part due to the ever-expansive technological
advancements that America has put forth. This is also due to the NSA analyst/whistleblower,
Edward Snowden who famously outed the NSA, and divulged their illicit activities of spying on
American citizens. And although the answer to the aforementioned question would seem like a
simple one for most Americans, in fact the question of NSA discretion really leads to another
question entirely: how many freedoms are American citizens willing to give up, in order to

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