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Professor George Fourlas Philosophy 151—Race, Gender, and the Law Essay prompt #1 In 4 (numbered) pages, using 12 point times new roman font, double spaced, with 1 inch margins, and an additional cover page that includes your name, email address, title of the paper, title of the class, and an additional ending page that includes a bibliography. respond to the following prompt: What is social contract theory? More specifically, I want you to consider how social contract theory informed the formation of the United States. Within this explanation, I also want you to consider Pateman and Mills's critique of the social contract in relation to Lopez's analysis of the standards of citizenship in the United States. So, another way of framing this last consideration, you might ask: How does the history of legal-political criteria for US citizenship act as an example of what Pateman and Mills discuss? You must answer this prompt by using the appropriate texts (quoting and citing). You must quote the texts, but do not use quotes that are longer than 1-2 lines. This is not an opportunity for you to tell me your opinion. I want reasoned exegesis and an argument. Do not forget to staple your papers. If you wait until the last minute to write this paper, then you can expect to receive a poor grade. I recommend writing a draft and then reading that draft aloud to another person. Ask the other person to tell you when something is unclear. Then edit the paper multiple times. I also recommend taking a draft of your paper to the writing center, where they can help you clarify sentences that do not make sense. In other words, you should have several people read and comment on your paper before you turn it in. If you did not read the assigned texts, then this will be obvious and will result in a poor grade. If you feel compelled to use examples, then use the examples from the text. ...
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