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Sociological Engagement Project #2 Identifying Social Problems and Working Toward Social Change Due Date: December 1, 2021 Step One: Complete the following table to identify three community issues or social problems that you think need to be addressed. List these issues in the first column. In the second column, identify who is affected by each issue. In the third column, brainstorm at least one idea for how to address each issue. The final column should include the factors that could potentially facilitate these solutions, as well as what obstacles might be faced in the process. Column 1: Column 2: Column 3: Column 4: WHAT IS THE ISSUE? WHO WOULD IT AFFECT? HOW WOULD RESOURCES AND OBSTACLES YOU FIX IT? 1. 2. 3. Step Two: After completing the table above, choose one of the social issues you identified and generate a report connecting your ideas to the course material on social movements. This report should be written in a formal, essay-style paper. Any references, including those made to the textbook or lecture must be properly cited. Your paper must contain each of the following components: Introducing the Issue (1-2 paragraphs) • Introduce one of the social issues you identified in the table from Part One. • Be sure to justify why this issue matters, who is affected, and what solution/s you are proposing to address it at the societal level. • You must provide at least one citation to an external resource to provide evidence of the social issue you are describing (newspaper articles, academic journal articles are acceptable — blog posts and other informal sources are not). Implementing Change (2-3 paragraphs) • Envision yourself as a leader of a social movement organization that could address this issue and implement solutions. In at least two paragraphs, address the following two points: • In Chapter 18, we learned about four types of social movements — identify which specific type of movement would best meet the needs of your issue? Be sure to define this type of movement. • Describe this movement — what would its goals include? Who would be involved? How would you raise awareness? What kinds of efforts would it undertake? Resources and Obstacles (1-2 paragraphs) • Describe what sorts of resources your social movement organization would need in order to successfully meet its goals — keep in mind, resources can be material (e.g. funding) and immaterial (e.g. volunteer labor). • Describe any obstacles you foresee your organization facing. Conclusion (1 paragraph) • Summarize the key points of your paper. This is a great place to drive home why you think this social issue is so important and what kind of social change you see as necessary to addressing it. What to submit and grading breakdown: 1. 25% of project grade — A copy of the completed table from Part One. You can either print and fill in by hand (scan/photograph a copy to me) or create your own table to fill in digitally. 2. 75% of project grade — A critical, engaged, polished final report. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out. I am happy to proofread early drafts.
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Social Issues

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Social Issues
Step One
Column 1:

Column 2:

Column 3:

Column 4:

What is the issue?

Who would it affect?

How would you fix

Resources and



Youths and young

They are promoting

The resources



necessary for fixing

technology rather


than capital-intensive

include capital and


intensive technology.

Increasing production

Obstacles include a

in different industrial

lack of funds and

sectors to create

strict government

opportunities for

policies that may

more people.

hinder the growth of


many industries.

Minority groups

Toss outlaws that are

Resources include

racist and

anti-racism laws that


help in ending
racism. Obstacles
include some laws
that continue to

promote racial

Children, single

Providing quality

Resources for ending

parents and disabled

education equips

poverty include


children with the

funds, formulating

knowledge and skill

policies and programs

development they

for rapid and

require to reach their

sustained economic

full potential.


They are providing

Obstacles include

free or cheap medical

social discrimination...

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