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 It is never appropriate to put quotation marks around either a transgender person's chosen name or the pronoun that reflects that person's gender identity." Terms to Avoid PROBLEMATIC PREFERRED "transgenders," "a transgender" "transgender people","a transgender person" "transgendered" "transgender" "transgenderism" "being transgender" "sex change," "pre-operative," "post-operative "transition" Transgender should be used as an adjective, not as a noun. Do not say, "Tony is a transgender," or "The parade included many transgenders." The adjective transgender should never have an extraneous "-ed" tacked onto the end. An "-ed" suffix adds unnecessary length to the word and can cause tense confusion and grammatical errors. It also brings transgender into alignment with lesbian, gay, bisexual, and queer. You would not say that Elton John is "gayed" or Ellen DeGeneres is "lesbianed," therefore you would not say Chaz Bono is "transgendered." This is not a term commonly used by transgender people. This is a term used by anti-transgender activists to dehumanize transgender people and reduce who they are to "a condition." For example, "Tony is a transgender man," or "The parade included many transgender people." Refer to being transgender instead, or refer to the transgender community. You can also refer to the movement for transgender equality and acceptance. Referring to a "sex-change operation," or using terms such as "pre-operative" or "post-operative," inaccurately suggests that a person must have surgery in order to transition. Avoid overemphasizing surgery when discussing transgender people or the process of transition. "biologically male," "biologically female," "genetically male," "genetically female," "born a man," "born a woman" "assigned male at birth," "assigned female at birth" or "designated male at birth," "designated female at birth" "passing" and "stealth" "visibly transgender," "not visibly transgender" Problematic phrases like those above are reductive and overly-simplify a very complex subject. As mentioned above, a person's sex is determined by a number of factors - not simply genetics - and a person's biology does not "trump" a person's gender identity. Finally, people are born babies: they are not "born a man" or "born a woman." While some transgender people may use these terms among themselves, it is not appropriate to repeat them in mainstream media unless it's in a direct quote. The terms refer to a transgender person's ability to go through daily life without others making an assumption that they are transgender. However, the terms themselves are problematic because "passing" implies "passing as something you're not," while "stealth" connotes deceit. When transgender people are living as their authentic selves, and are not perceived as transgender by others, that does not make them deceptive or misleading. Econ 138 Writing Assignment 3: DUE November 20 by 6:30 PM PDT on Canvas. Please read all instructions both before you begin the assignment and after you complete it. In this writing assignment, you will read an article about health disparities in the transgender population. Because this is the first writing assignment that requires writing about differences in gender identity, please read the formatting guidelines before beginning your assignment for information on how to write about the transgender community in a respectful way. We have also provided sources with more detailed information on writing about the transgender community in the assignment instructions, but these are not required reading. Steps: 1. Read the NBC News article, “Nearly half of trans people have been mistreated by medical providers, report finds.” Summarize the article. What are two of the causes of transgender health disparities that are described in the article? Describe each in one or two sentences. 2. Suppose a doctor screens her transgender patients for depressive disorders more often than her cisgender patients. After reading through the disparities listed in the article, do you think this is more likely to be taste-based or statistical discrimination against transgender people? Justify your response. 3. Suppose a cisgender doctor tells a cisgender patient and a transgender patient that they should exercise for thirty minutes every day. This medical advice is not related to any disparities between the cisgender and transgender populations. Why might the transgender patient be less likely to follow the advice? Describe an experiment in which we could test this hypothesis and cite a relevant paper from class. 4. Propose a policy that would reduce transgender health disparities. Explain in a paragraph why you think your policy solution would be effective. What is one non-political barrier to enacting your policy? Think through the economics, rather than saying “it wouldn’t pass in Congress”. Format: You have 600 words. You need at least one short paragraph per step. Write freely and then revise to express your ideas clearly and concisely. You do not need to write an introduction or conclusion. You do not need to restate the questions I asked. Focus on the economics; I am not going to judge the quality of your writing (so long as it is readable), but rather the quality of the economic thought behind them. You can write in the first person, using “I” statements. To make it easier for graders to read, use Times New Roman 12 point font with double-spaced lines. You must submit either a .doc or .pdf file. According to the Center for American Progress, “‘Transgender’ is an umbrella term used to describe people whose gender identity and/or gender expression differ based on the sex they were assigned at birth. The transgender community is not a monolith. Transgender people have diverse sexual orientations, gender expressions, and gender identities, and transgender identities do not depend on physical appearance or medical procedures.”1 A cisgender person is someone whose gender identity is the same as the sex they were assigned at birth (e.g. a person who identifies as a woman, and has “female” listed on her birth certificate). More than 99% of the population is cisgender. We use transgender and cisgender as describing words: just as “whites” is incorrect terminology, so too is “cisgenders”. Write about transgender people, cisgender patients, transgender citizens, etc. Please keep pronoun use consistent with gender identity: • transgender men generally use he/him pronouns; • transgender women generally use she/her pronouns; • gender non-conforming/non-binary individuals may choose to use they/them, or alternate between pronouns If you are unsure about which pronoun to use, it's perfectly reasonable to use "they/them" as a singular pronoun: “Alyssa created this writing assignment” could be either “She created this writing assignment”, or if you were unsure about Alyssa’s pronouns, “They created this writing assignment”. You will get points taken off on your assignment if you do not follow the above guidelines. You will also lose points if you refer to cisgender people as anything other than cisgender (including words like “normal” and “regular”), or if you describe transgender people as anything other than transgender. Please contact Prof. Brown if you have specific questions. Grading: The graders will follow the below rubric. There is no partial credit within any of the subsections unless otherwise stated. Late submissions will receive a 20 point (50% penalty). Step 1 [8 points] Step 2 [8 points] Step 3 [10 points] Step 4 [8 points] Legibility [6 points] 1 4 pts: summarizes article 4 pts: two causes of transgender health disparities (2 points each) 4 pts: correct choice between taste-based and statistical 4 pts: clear justification 2 pts: why might a transgender person not follow the advice 6 pts: describes experiment 2 pts: cites paper 6 pts: coherent and logical policy solution (3 points if decent attempt made) 2 pts: barrier 2 pts: stay within word count (500-700 words) 2 pts: legibility points (e.g. double-spaced) 2 pts: uses correct terminology, i.e. “transgender people” and “cisgender people” Academic Integrity: You are not permitted to discuss this writing assignment with anyone: other students, private tutors, friends, family, etc. You are permitted to use other written sources, but you need to cite them in the format of your choice (and you are discouraged against doing so; these questions are not easily searched, and you will likely end up plagiarizing). Your writing assignment will be automatically submitted to Turnitin when you submit it on Canvas. Anyone whose essay is similar to any written source or the essay of another student will receive a zero grade and be reported for an Academic Integrity violation. Late Assignments: The assignment closes at 6:30pm on Canvas. An assignment submitted late, even if it’s only one minute late, will receive a late penalty. Late penalties will be 20 points (50% of your grade). Regrading Policy: The graders will leave comments on your essay explaining where and why you lost points. If you believe you lost points in error, you can submit a regrade request to Prof. Brown at until December 4. In this request you need to state which step you think you deserve more points on and why. By submitting a request, you agree to wager half of the lost points, such that if the grader denies your request she will take those points off your essay. For example, if you lost 4 points on Step 3, and submit a regrade request that is rejected, you will lose an additional 2 points on your essay. Given this penalty, you should only submit requests for grades that you are confident were made in error. We will not tell you via email whether you should submit a request. Good luck, and we look forward to reading your essays!
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Surname 1
Transgender People’s Health
1. Read the NBC News article, “Nearly half of trans people have been mistreated by
medical providers, report finds.” Summarize the article. What are two of the causes
of transgender health disparities that are described in the article? Describe each in
one or two sentences.
Jesse Brace, a transgender person, has been refraining from getting care because of the
discrimination they faced. The staff they told did that they did not conform to any non-binary
gender and that their name was different refused to acknowledge and respect the information.
The failure to get care elsewhere resulted in them becoming refrained from getting any form of
medical care. They eventually lost their job as the seizures became more uncontrollable.
Discrimination is one of the factors which prevents transgender people from getting the
healthcare they require. About half of transgender people experienced mistreatment from
medical providers. It is the role of society and professions to educate...

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