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1. What are the differences between the types of slavery traditionally practiced in Africa and the slavery that developed in the New World? How did other types of servitude, such as European serfdom, compare to slavery?

2. How did the Olmec, Aztec, Inca, Maya, and North American Indians differ in their ways of life and cultural achievements?

3. What is meant by the Columbian Exchange? Who was affected the most by the exchange? On the whole, what was the impact of early European explorations on the New World? What was the impact of the New World on Europeans?

4. What were the consequences of the religious upheavals of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries?

5. Compare and contrast life in the Spanish and English colonies, differentiating between the Chesapeake Bay and New England English colonies. Who were the colonizers? What were their purposes in being there? How did they interact with the native inhabitants of the lands on which they settled?

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The Colombian exchange can be described as the exchange of goods like animals and different
plants and other things like the diseases carried et...

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