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In 750-1,000 words, describe the history of public service by doing the following:

  1. Identify significant events and people who shaped the field of public administration.
  2. Explain how those events and people affected the evolution of the study and field of public administration.

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750 Words
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1. Section 1: Significant People
2. Introduction
3. Woodrow Wilson
4. Fredric Taylor
5. Section 2: Significant Events
6. Assassination of President Garfield
7. The election of Franklin Roosevelt
8. Section 3: Impacts of these people and events
9. The impact the aforementioned leaders Penelope
10. Impact of the evets

Public Administration

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Significant People and Events in Public Administration
Public Administration has undergone numerous advancements over the decades and
years as consequence of fluctuations in social and economic conditions. Many people who
took charge of public administration have left a mark and revolutionized it for the upcoming
generations. Essentially, the history of public administration is important in exploring the
culture that shapes and surrounds the public sector by narrowing down to the dramatic change
periods and the role of the government in it (Adams 2019). The advancement of American
public administration has undergone four eras to reach its stage in the present day. These four
eras include under siege, administrative management, civil service, and clerks. Each major
event and key figure produced major rethinking how individual lives and private economy is
impacted by the public sector.
Woodrow Wilson, a former US president, is regarded as the father of public
administration. His experience and knowledge in the field of politics and history enabled him
release many diverse papers in political Science Quarterly. One of his most important works
is “The Study of Administration,”. He stated his belief, in that essay, in a bureaucracy
containing trained workers selected based on their merit. Employees in the administration of
the US government, before this idea, were often selected based on their political affiliations
and loyalty(Adams 2019). The then president, Woodrow Wilson, established his system of
hiring that was ‘merit-based’, which represented a sea shift to national public administration
that aided the bureaucracy of the US to be more efficient.
Fredrick Taylor, a mechanical engineer, and a man regarded as the father of the
scientific management theory is also a significant figure in this field. Taylor was skilled in
mechanical engineering and was the publisher of numerous industrial developments that
shifted the industry’s face. He saw a possibility of improving the works of the government by

reevaluating it through an industrial lens. We also have Mary Parker Follet, who was among
the first philosophers to use the principles of psychology and social science to examine
industrial groups. Within the industrial gro...

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