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Use this template (  CV_Template.docx  ) to prepare a curriculum vitae (CV) and review this sample CV  ( CV_Sample_Format.docx  ).

  • A CV is an expanded resume which not only details your education and work experience, but also tracks your professional development activities.

  • Your CV is a document to which you can consistently add to throughout your career.

Here is a copy of my most current resume, although you can change and add any info as you'd like. Any questions please let me know.   Amanda Ancheta Resume.doc 

Here is the grading rubrics for this assignment.  U4-RubricR1.doc 


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CONTACT INFORMATIONName Address Telephone Cell Phone E-mail EDUCATION Include dates, majors, and details of degrees (all university degrees), training, and certification University Graduate School Post-Doctoral Training EMPLOYMENT HISTORY List in descending order, include position details, and dates Work History Academic Positions Research and Training PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS Certifications and Accreditations AWARDS PUBLICATIONS/RESEARCH BOOKS PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS CONTINUING EDUCATION (within the past 12 months) CONTACT INFORMATION Your Your Your Your Name Address Telephone E-mail Address: EDUCATION Post-Baccalaureate certificate (Recreation Therapy) (2009) Eastern Washington University, Cheney, Washington Doctor of Philosophy (Health Sciences) (2004) Touro College, New York, (TUI Campus) Concentration in International Health Education and Research. Master of Science (Gerontological Nursing & Nursing Education) (2000) Gerontological Nurse Practitioner Certificate (2000) State University of New York, New York (Binghamton Campus) Post-Baccalaureate certificate (Long Term Care Administration) (1999) Marywood University, Scranton, Pennsylvania Bachelor of Science (1996) Wilkes University, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania EMPLOYMENT HISTORY NURSE PRACTITIONER (part-time) (2002–Present) West Wyoming, Pennsylvania Duties included: Assessment, medical diagnosis, treatment of older adults with healthcare needs ranging from routine preventative health care to management of multiple comorbid conditions. ADJUNCT FACULTY (2000–2003) Keystone College LaPlume, Pennsylvania Duties included: Teaching select courses in the Department of Behavioral Sciences PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS RN: Registered Nurse (Professional licensure held in multiple states. A complete list with accompanying license numbers will be made available upon request). NP: Nurse Practitioner (Professional licensure held in multiple states. A complete list with accompanying license numbers will be made available upon request) AWARDS Hands and Hearts Award, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Secretary of Veterans Affairs (2001) Nominated for the Nightingale Award of Pennsylvania (1997) PUBLICATIONS/RESEARCH Adelman, D. S. & Doe, J. (2008). Bioterrorism: The use of biologicals In D. S. Adelman & T. J. Legg (Eds.), Disaster nursing: A handbook for practice (pp. ). Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett. Adelman, D. S., Levitt, C., & Doe, J. (2006). Fostering scholarly inquiry in the online graduate classroom [Abstract]. Proceedings of the Business and Health Administration Association, 376. PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS • Pennsylvania Chapter of the American College of Health Care Administrators, Vice President (Appointed 2009). • Member, The National League for Nursing • Sigma Phi Omega, National Gerontology Academic and Professional Honor Society—Past President of Alpha Sigma Chapter (2002–2003) • Pennsylvania State Nurses Association, member • Pennsylvania State Nurses Association—Member of the Bylaws Committee (2000–2004) • Sigma Theta Tau, International Honor Society in Nursing—Past Member of the Nominating Committee (2001–2003) CONTINUING EDUCATION (within the past 12 months, including CTL training) Date of Program 1/2/09 1/2/09 1/09 through 5/09 Sponsor Nursing Education of America Nursing Education of America Prescriber’s Letter Title of Program Medical Error Prevention Domestic Violence CME in the Letter Hours 2 2 6 Scoring Rubric: Curriculum Vitae (CV) [150 points] – Due Unit 4 Excellent Above Average Satisfactory Unsatisfactory Total Points Content Educational experience is included in CV. One to two elements of educational or professional experiences are missing. Professional experience is included in CV. Formatting inconsistent with template. 60 Professional experience is not included. 50 Rules of grammar, word usage, and punctuation are followed. Rules of grammar, word usage, and punctuation are followed with rare exceptions. Rules of grammar, word usage, and punctuation are followed with few exceptions. Assignment is spellchecked and proofread. Assignment has rare spelling and/or proofreading errors. Assignment has few spelling and/or proofreading errors. Overall style is consistent with that expected of formal, professional work. Overall style is consistent with that expected of formal, professional work with rare exceptions. 17 Overall style is adequate for formal, professional work; some areas need style improvement. 15 20 Educational experience is not included. Formatting inconsistent with template. Optional qualifications, certifications, etc. are included. Formatting is consistent with template. 80 Format/Style More than two elements of educational or professional experiences are missing. Point Conversion [percent times points available] 1 0 of 80 There are numerous errors in rules of grammar, word usage, and punctuation. There are numerous spelling and/or proofreading errors. Overall style is inadequate for formal, professional work; many areas needs need style improvement. 0 Total Points Percent Accomplished 150 points x ____% of 20 of 100 AMANDA D. ANCHETA ADDRESS PHONE • E-MAIL OBJECTIVE Seeking a Registered Nurse position where extensive healthcare experience and outstanding people skills will be fully utilized to provide quality health care to patients and maximize the effectiveness of healthcare facility. Demonstrate judgment and self sufficiency in effective problem solving while serving the facility, especially in the implementation of federal law, policies and procedure. EDUCATION Kaplan University Master of Science in Nursing (Adult Gerontology NP) Kaplan University Associate of Science in Nursing Dade Medical College Associate of Science in Nursing Davenport, IA Feb. 2015 - present Davenport, IA Nov. 2012 – Jun. 2014 Hialeah, FL May 2010 – Mar. 2012 WORK EXPERIENCE Jan 2013– Present Altus Home Health Services, LLC Registered Nurse ➢ Provide compassionate nursing services to patients of different backgrounds ➢ Hands-on experience in evaluating and treating patients using advanced technology and practices ➢ In-depth knowledge of formulating plans of care, establishing priorities necessary to achieve outcomes, and evaluating plan to see if amendments need to be applied ➢ Interact with patients to figure out their physical and psychological needs. Identify patient actual and potential problems Dec 2012 – Present High Standard Health Services Registered Nurse ➢ Maintain safety and precaution standards ➢ Document all patients’ records and procedures ➢ Make calls to providers in order to determine treatment plan, intake and benefit assessment, goal settings ,and long term care plan development ➢ Provide information to patients and families about conditions and appropriate plans of action CERTIFICATIONS 1 August 2014-2016 Basic Life Support (BLS & AED) November 2014 Domestic Violence, HIV/AIDS (1 hr.), Prevention of Medical Errors, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Alzheimer’s and Dementia CLINICAL EXPERIENCE ▪ ▪ Psychiatric Care: Observation and group therapy with clients in a psychiatric institute ▪ Maternity: Foley insertion, passed medications, observation of Cesarean section, and assisted with natural labor ▪ Geriatrics: Medication administration, Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) tube and Nasogastric (NG) tube feedings, procedures with starting an intravenous (IV) and blood drawing, wound care, vital signs, Foley insertion, and care of intubated patients ▪ Home Health: Start of care in the home, medication administration, supervisory visits, wound care with vacuum assisted closure (VAC), vital signs monitoring, and IV therapy Pediatric Care: Bathed and gave children hygiene care (brushing teeth, brushing hair, shaving, and dressing) 2 ...
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