Trump and Bidens Handling of Covid 19 Discussion

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Presidential Agendas

Rather than focus on the treatment of chronic disease, policies that influence population health tend to emphasize prevention and wellness; the reduction or elimination of waste and the eradication of health disparities based on race, ethnicity, language, income, gender, sexual orientation, disability and other factors. The reasoning is that good health belongs to the whole, not just an individual. (New York State Dept. of Health, n.d.)  

Regardless of political affiliation, every citizen has a stake in healthcare policy decisions. Hence, it is little wonder why healthcare items become such high-profile components of presidential agendas. It is also little wonder why they become such hotly debated agenda items.

Consider a topic (mental health, HIV, opioid epidemic, pandemics, obesity, prescription drug prices, or many others) that rises to the presidential level. How did the current and previous presidents handle the problem? What would you do differently?

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Difference between Trump and Biden’s Handling of COVID-19


Difference between Trump and Biden’s Handling of COVID-19
The COVID-19 pandemic is among the worst pandemics that the US has witnessed in
a century. The virus that started in China in 2019 hit the USA in 2020 during the presidency
of Donald Trump and has continued into the presidency of Joe Biden. Both Presidents have
faced the virus with inadequate resources and knowledge about its management. Therefore,
while the two presidents led the country at different pandemic stages, they have used
significantly different methods and policies to control the virus. From studying the two
leader’s approaches, President Biden’s approach has received more approval from people
than his predecessor’s policies and strategies because he applied measures that ensured that
the federal government was more involved and encouraged stakeholders t treat the matter
One significant characteristic of the strategy implemented by Trump was that his

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