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Write at least one paragraph (approximately 100 words) to respond to each statement below and include references as indicated by the instructor.
References and citations should conform to the APA 6th edition.

1a."The term role strain has been used to describe the effect of multiple role expectations on individuals (Goode, 1960). Goode first discussed the concept of role strain in depth cind defined it as "the felt difficulty in fulfilling role obligations" (p. 483) (Rutlin, 1996). As an educator, there are so many responsibilities that need to be completed for a successful job completed. With awareness to role strain, the educator will know what the job role entails and how to manage that workload. The awareness is huge because if an educator is not aware of what the job includes, he or she may not be well prepared. As an educator moves forward with multiple job roles in their position, the educator must have a firm knowledge and foundation on what is exactly included in the scope for the job. If this is not clear, the educator may begin to experience job strain.

Rutlin, Evelyn Clare, "Relationships Among Role Strain, Hardiness, and Academic Achievement" (1996). Masters Theses. 292.

1b.Role Strain

For the nurse educator that is transitioning into the role of educator it is helpful to have the knowledge of what the students need to be successful nurses. The educator should be well rounded and academically prepared to be self-directed when seeking information and learning the diversity in the learners. The educator must accept responsibility of adapting to the role of educating and begin thinking like an educator instead of a learner. Basic education program's will provide the educator with the basic tools but the characteristics of the educator will be developed overtime. The nurse educator will develop strategies and adapt to different methods of teachings as ways that work are established.. The clinician that was such an expert will eventually become as efficient as an educator through time. The nurse educator brings much knowledge to the table as a clinician and those skills will become an asset to being able to teach the information to the students. Depending on where the educator will work will be dependent upon the amount of shift needed to adapt to the role (Mann, 2013). The educator will shift from patient satisfaction to that of a student respect. The role adjustment will take a bit of time to go from novice to comfort but it will develop and the comfort will again be a part of the nurse. Having mentors that are seasoned and accepting of sharing knowledge is helpful. This student has not really understood just how different this role will be as a nurse educator and that the development will indeed take a awhile before the educator is fluent and comfortable delivering the education in a smooth and congruent fashion.
Mann, C. (2013, January). Experience of adjunct novice clinical nursing faculty: An interpretive case study. Experience of Adjunct Novice Clinical Nursing Faculty, 180p.

Write an initial substantive response of 200-250 words to each question.References and citations should conform to the APA 6th edition.

  1. Describe the basic role of the nurse educator in any setting.
  2. Discuss the role of the nurse educator in health education of diverse populations.

Write at least one paragraph (approximately 100 words) to respond to each statement below and include references as indicated by the instructor.
References and citations should conform to the APA 6th edition.

2a.Role of the Nurse Educator

The role of the nurse educator is one of leader. The educator must be well informed of changes and policies that are aligned with evidence-based practice. The role will begin as a novice but will gradually become one of expert. The responsibilities of the educator will be to educate other nursing professionals in nursing skills. The educator will be fluent in educating and preparing others for roles in their facilities.

Diverse Populations

Educating those in diverse populations will be one of the barriers that the educator will face. As with all different learners reaching them with be important and finding strategies that fit into the situation will be challenging. The nurse educator will have the skills to adapt and meet the challenges and goals effectively and efficiently.

2b.The basic role of the nurse educator is to provide information to the audience in a manner to promote growth and development. The educator must assess the needs of the audience and assess how the audience interpreted the information and retained it. If the educator doesn't feel as if the audience is learning the materials, adjustments need to be made immediately to encourage knowledge development. For a diverse population, the nurse educator must be able to reach past any language barrier and cultural diversities to encourage trust and growth in the audience.

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Nurse Educator Analysis and Giving Responses
Response 1a
The individual starts by identifying role strain as the inability to match the expectations
that one is supposed to attain because of the position that they serve. The individual then goes
ahead to identify the advantages of having awareness on the role strain among nurse educators is
that it would help them have prepared for the job and develop the knowledge that is required to
cope with the role strain (Rutlin, 1996). The point being made is that role strain among nurse
educators is a vital tool that will help them develop the efficiency and competence required to
cope with the competing expectations that are assigned or related to the job.

Rutlin, E. C. (1996). Relationships Among Role Strain, Hardiness, and Academic Achievement.

Response 1b
If there is one important aspect that the student raises is the importance of appreciating
the transition that an individual has to make from being a nurse to a nurse educator. There is the
highlight that as an educator, there has to be the recognition and to adapt to the fact that one not
only ceases to be a learner but also becomes a person who is supp...

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