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I’m stuck on a Statistics question and need an explanation.

I need to do this stats work.All the work has to be shown not just filling the blanks.Need in max 2 days.

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NUR 541 Spring, 2013 Exam I Name____________________ Directions: Write your answers in the space provided for each question. If you need extra space, use the back of a page or attach an extra sheet, clearly identifying the part of the particular problem to which this answer applies. 1. A psychologist wishes to compare four antidepressant drugs (Elavil, Prozac, Tofranil, and Zoloft) and a placebo to determine if they differ in their effectiveness in reducing symptoms of depression. Thirty depressed patients are randomly assigned to each of five groups (six patients per group) and each of the drugs (including the placebo) is administered to each patient in one of the five groups. Scores on the Beck Depression Inventory are used to measure depression, with higher scores indicating more severe depression. The data follow. Group 1 (Placebo) 2 (Elavil) 3 (Prozac) 4 (Tofranil) 5 (Zoloft) Overall a) Depression scores 32 37 36 37 27 33 34 33 28 25 26 29 31 29 35 30 26 25 19 23 Mean 35.0 32.0 28.0 31.0 24.0 30.0 35 30 28 29 26 Variance 4.4 8.8 6.0 5.2 7.2 19.9 Fill in the blanks in the following ANOVA table. Show your work. (9 pts) Source df SS Between ____ 420.00 Within ____ Total ____ b) 33 35 32 32 25 MS F _________ _________ 578.00 Write out an appropriate model for this problem. (5 pts) _______ 2 c) State the appropriate null and alternate hypotheses for testing for differences among the five treatments. (4 pts) d) Identify the critical value for testing the hypotheses in part (c) at  = .05 and state your decision regarding the null hypothesis. (4 pts) e) State the conclusion for the test performed in part (d). (3 pts) 2. Assuming that higher scores indicate greater depression, a) Set up a linear contrast to compare the average of the four antidepressant drugs to the placebo. (4 pts) b) Specify null and alternate hypotheses for testing the linear contrast from part (a). (You do not need to conduct the test.) (4 pts) 3 c) Find a sample estimate of the linear contrast you formed in part (a). (6 pts) 3. A medical researcher is interested in evaluating the effectiveness of two newly developed diets in losing weights in obese patients. The weight loss data are as follows: Group 1 (Placebo) 2 (Diet A) 3 (Diet B) Weight Loss 32 37 36 27 33 34 28 25 26 Now, he is concerned with his sample size and wants to consult with you (You are the statistician here!!!). a) Propose a statistical test you should run to help him. (3 points) b) State the appropriate null and alternate hypotheses for testing for differences among the three treatments. (4 pts) c) State the conclusion for the test performed in part (b). (3 pts) d) Conduct a follow-up test given the significance of the overall test and summarize results. (4 points) e) Report the results in APA format. (4 points) ...
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