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When I was working as an unsupervised grade setter on the night shift for the Union at a construction project near the international airport in Honolulu, I always had to take off my safety glasses because they would fog up. But, of course, I wasn't the only one. A lot of the laborers did the same thing. Gloves were another issue that most of the workers would not use. Hard hats were ok, but sometimes it got in the way, and I took it off, especially when bending down a lot. Of course, I would make sure there were no safety officers around to write me up. We knew when the safety officer would make their rounds for inspection. The operators would avoid using their seat belts unless they saw the safety officer.

We would have 20-minute tailgate safety meetings and stretches every night before starting the shift. The safety officer would always encourage us to wear our PPE. He probably knew that we were taking off the PPE at times. Unless the safety officer is always present, the only way to encourage employees to work safely is constant training and education, safety meetings, a proactive attitude towards safety, and holding individuals accountable through disciplinary actions.

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Occupational Health and Safety Response
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