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General Psychology - Psych 1010 Research paper (50 pts): Using the topic you have selected from your and Operational definition assignment (or one from the textbook that you would be interested in learning more about) you are to write a research paper. Using a minimum of four empirical references (not including the textbook), write a 5 or more page paper on the topic (Wikipedia is not allowed). You may only use scholarly resources which includes textbooks and professional journals. It must be written in APA style format (www.owl.purdue has a great tutorial on how to do this). Make certain your sources are accurately cited throughout the text and on the reference page. Papers are to be submitted via Canvas. Tips for success: This needs to be clean, strong work, and – very importantly – it should show your thinking and learning clearly, using engaging writing that follows standard writing conventions and mechanics (e.g. spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, paragraph construction.) Snow’s Student Writing Center staff are prepared to help students with the writing. If you seek their help, be sure to bring in the specific description of the assignment you are doing for THIS class so they can best help you. Your assignment will have the following characteristics: 1. (5 pts) A clear explanation of what the assignment is that you are working with. This could be done with a good title, but may need more explaining. Let the reader know what the purpose of the paper is, what you will be writing about. 3. (10 pts) Clearly tied to course material. Be sure to give clear indication of how the work is tied to course material. This is likely to take a few paragraphs. One way to do this is to describe how the assignment helped you learn some particular course content. Be sure to cite your textbook into the assignment so that the reader knows a) what concept you are discussing b) what the concept is, c) where it can be found in which textbook. 4. (10 pts). Follow APA guidelines here!! NO CREATIVE IMAGES!! The idea is to create a form of the work that you would feel good about that shows off your understanding of APA format. 5. (10 pts) Includes 2-3 paragraphs of good reflective writing. Reflective writing is a technique to show your thinking and learning. Below are listed some prompts that can use to guide your reflection. You could take 3 prompts and write a paragraph about each or you could write a few paragraphs about 2 prompts, etc. You don’t have to use the prompts provided. You can create your own. Be sure to connect your reflections to the specific bits of the assignment to which you are referring. • Hoes does this assignment connect with what you have learned in another Gen Ed course? • How did this assignment influence your understanding of the world? Did it challenge any of your assumptions? • Did the assignment possibly peak your interest to investigate a future occupation in psychology? If so, explain what it was that captured your attention and why. • Why did you pick this topic to concentrate on? What does it demonstrate about your learning? • How does the assignment illustrate the growth/change/progression you have had in this class? Reseaerch Paper Sequence of Events: 1- You pick a topic to write on 2- You research the topic 3- You write a first draft 4- You take that first draft to the Writing Center for help/review 5- You correct your paper per the advice you receive from the Writing Center 6- Once you make the corrections, then and only then, do you post the finished paper to Canvas. Correct spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, paragraph construction, etc. adds to the overall ease of reading the paper and professional appearance and should be considered a MUST as mistakes will be marked down! ...
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