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Determine the structural unit and the bonding in the following solids ? enter your answer as sequence of letters. select C for atoms in covalent network. I for ion lattic, M for metallic lattice, A molecule in solid.for example order in qu

Feb 18th, 2015

Please note that here are the structure of the most common crystals

A) Diamond

the diamon latticee consists of two interpenetrating face centered cubic Bravais lattices, it is formed by carbon atoms and the chemical bond between those carbon atoms is a covalent bond. Furthermore the cube side of the diamond lattice is equal to 3.57 Angstrom, or 3.57*10^(-8) cm

B) Tungsten (metal)

the tungsten is a monoatomic body-centered cubic Crystal, and the cube side of its unit cell is equal to 3.16 Angstrom or 3.16*10^(-8) cm

C) Sodium (metal)

the sodium structrure also is a  monoatomic body-centered cubic Crystal, and the cube side of its unit cell is equal to 4.23 Angstrom at T = 5 °K

D) Chromium (metal)

also the chromium structure is a monoatomic body-centered structure , and the cube side of its primitive cell is: 2.88 Angstrom

E) Phosphorus (not metal)

the structure of the phosphorus is a simple cubic structure

F) Carbon dioxide (CO2) (non-metallic compound)

it is the solid state of the CO2 gas, so the chemical bond between the carbon atom and each of the oxygen atom is a covalent bond

G) Copper Nitrate (metallic salt)

is a ionic compound and at room temperature is in a solid state

Please note that for all metallic element the chemical bond among the atoms of that metal is  due to the external electrons of each atom of that metal. Those electrons form the so-called Fermi sea.

Feb 18th, 2015

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Feb 18th, 2015
Feb 18th, 2015
Oct 24th, 2017
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