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1- In what ways does the use of ethnography enhance community assessment processes in CBPR?2- 

2- What are the strengths and potential disadvantages you see in the use of specific ethnographic data collection tools or approaches and methods in participatory community assessment?

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Community-Based Participatory Assessment



Community-Based Participatory Assessment


Ethnography and participatory community assessment
Participatory Community Assessment(PCA) is an approach used in assessing a community. How
it’s organized, issues and needs, structural factors that explain a community, resources, and
assets at the community’s disposal, and the necessary changes that help address issues within the
community. In this study, we are supposed to understand what a community setting is. A
community may refer to a specific ethnic group, a race, shared gender, or network connections
on the internet. According to health researchers, a community is a geosocial space such as
neighborhoods, towns, or cities with governance structures that relate to the local populations.
The goals of community assessment are:

Study and understand a problem.

Identify the resources and...

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