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For this week you are going to refine and complete documentation of your kitchen and bathroom selections.

This week I will cover the format and basic look for compiling weeks 1-8 information.

So far you have documented both bathroom and kitchen selections with the product's main web page, (collected product information)

You have revised your plan to show the legend with all kitchen and all bath selections listed by manufacturer and model number or name- in the legend /key/notes area to the right of the plan.- If not revise plans and legends now.

1- This week revise and compile all this information, (plan for bath and kitchen, legends with notes for product selections, technical spec pages for fixtures and appliances, product picture and general information pages).

2- Add all the Spec sheet PDF pages that give the detailed drawings for each product.

3- product images and information pages.

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WEEK 8- KITCHEN and BATH Finalizing selections and compiling the information For this week, you are compiling the information on the products you have selected. These products include: fixtures as sinks, faucets, and toilets. , appliances. Hardware as towel racks and TP holders. We do not need bathmats here or other decorative only details. I have not asked for paint and tile selections. If you have them, add them. Yes you would normally make these selections also along with others. Right now and for time’s sake, we are doing the fixtures and appliances. The cabinet details will be on the final plan legend as we have discussed. 1. You will provide your revised plan with full legend. The legend will have all in cabinet details you selected and then all the fixtures and appliances with brand, model, and notes. Make sure the corresponding symbols are on your plan.2. You will provide the main web page with general info. As model, colors, price, picture. 3. You will provide the technical spec. PDF page. If there are several, provide at least the 1st related one. Make sure it is the right one for your selection. The plan will be first. Put the selections in order as you numbered them on the plan. Put all of their information together for each item. For the Thermador cooktop shown in the following slides, the Product # is- SGSXP365T. Under the “ Appliance/fixture Notes”, #11 Is cooktop. I would put notes like: Gas cooktop, Thermador, SGSXP365T, 120V This includes type of cooktop, Brand, Model, and in this case the electrical supply needed for the electric ignition. I could add other important notes. Go back to your bath and your kitchen plans with the legends that you have already added and the corresponding symbols on the plan. That would be the numbers here and the circled numbers in the other example. Add the brand, model, at least. Kitchen and bath week 8Finalizing product selectionsPDF of technical details. Review of legend for plans This page would be the web product main page. It gives only basic information. You usually need to scroll down or see “other information”, or “details” for more detailed information. Here as I scrolled down, I saw the PDF symbols and the listed. Specification and Installation sheets These sheets usually give several illustrations and clarify any sizes, details, clearances, requirements, etc. Often you have a question you are trying to get a specific answer for. This means you do have to begin to get an idea what questions to ask. For example, a gas range needs an electric outlet for its electric plug,(for the electric ignition). Where does this need to go on the wall? The electrician needs to know this specifically. The plumber needs to know if there are any specifics for the gas connection. The stone fabricator needs to know the opening size to cut for the cooktop. All of these people should know the local codes. You need to know the basics also. This page from the installation PDFShows the location of plugs, hook ups, etc. If you know your electrician and Installer, you are more comfortable that they will ask questions and confirm information and check the specification sheets. If you do not know the subcontractors on the job, you would be even more careful to make sure all questions are answered ahead of time. Note- You may combine the main information web page with the product technical specification sheet or sheets.- on 1 page for presentation. Normally you can get about 1 product per page. However- if the products are small, as hardware, or basic as tile, you can combine several on a page. Make sure the basic information is legible. Here You see some information covered and some choices not shown, but you see the main image and the technical info. Here 2 sheets of technical info are shown because it shows 2 selected water or spa selections-microsilk and airtub. So1- Plan with revised legend goes 1st. Do all Bath selections and then all kitchen selections. Make sure the 2 revised plans are corrected with necessary dimensions in the correct form. Make sure kitchen plan has Added cabinet numbers and all undercounter selections numbered. Make sure both plans have revised notes or legends. 2- Bath 1st, Kitchen selections after.- For each selection put its main image page with its number clearly visible. 3- Put its technical information sheet- at least 1st page For bath- put all fixtures, then plumbing, then hardware as TP holder, then finishes as paint, tile, etc. For kitchen- put all appliances, then fixtures, then plumbing, then hardware, then finishes.
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