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Chapter 7 Summary and Analysis, and Answers to the Reflection Questions
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Chapter seven discusses the execution of global strategy, and it has laid out a foundation
of diverse concepts related to the topic. The authors have focused on depicting critical aspects
related to culture in international markets. The chapter has examined essential concepts that can
help top managers of firms expanding globally to recalibrate their cultural and operational lenses.
The chapter has also touched on the importance of designing corporate systems and structures
that are culturally appropriate because they enable a firm to accomplish its strategic goals. The
chapter has focused on different organizational elements such as work tasks, people,
administrative systems, and coordination structures that managers should align to enhance their
firm's performance at the global level (Lane, 2019). The authors have also discussed a very
important topic related to socio-technical systems. It depicts how organizations are composed of
two main components, namely the social and technical components. In the chapter, the example
of Global Multi-Products Chile has been given to show how effective alignment of an
organization can lead to competitiveness and great success.
The chapter has illustrated the importance of tasks because they are the building blocks of
every firm's organizational structure. Differentiation in employees' skills and knowledge has
been noted as a key solution in reducing complexity in firms. The concept of task
interdependence has also been discussed, and it is clear that some organizations have different
levels of task interdependence among their departments and subsidiaries. The chapter has
depicted the essence of coordination mechanisms in organizations and devising conflict
management strategies based on the cultures in which the firm's operations are based (Lane,
2019). The authors have also briefly touched on finding the right people to propel the
organization's goals. It has depicted important points that managers should follow during the
recruitment and selection processes.
Organizational structure is essential because it determines whether a firm achieves
efficiency, coordination, and effectiveness. The section has depicted that diverse organizations
use different structures that are characterized by different formal relationships. The section has
also examined a critical concept related to administrative systems that enable the firm to align
the tasks and employees in a way that relates to strategy changes. The other concept touched on
in the section is performance appraisal, and different reward systems have been discussed
concerning their effectiveness (Lane, 2019). The most important concept that has been discussed
in the chapter is the business strategy, and several strategy frameworks such as Porter's generic
competitive strategies have been illustrated. Also, Galbraith's model has been discussed
concerning its e...

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