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Because the Declaration of Practice is a pretty straightforward process, I thought I would ask a broader question for our discussion today (and it is our last discussion board). How has this class changed your perspective regarding behavior analysis and your responsibilities as a future BCBA?

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also, I want citation or quote from the book or from any other sources. please you ( I ) when you write like I am writing. for example, I think, because, I like .......

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Impact of the BCBA Classes and Training
Ethics has always fascinated me, my knowledge and also skills on the subject. In
supporting this, as a behavior analyst, it has been enhanced extensively all through the class
teachings and discussions. A major aspect that will always form my basis for conducting my
activities in an ethical and professional manner is that the set ethical codes of conduct act as a
guideline but will not always be applicable in every situation, thus as a BCBA I should be able to

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