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Your manager has asked you to create the content for the updated benefits website for your company. The existing website was missing important information about mandatory and discretionary benefits and, more importantly, did not align with the company’s organizational strategy—this one is a must. Your manager wants current employees and new hires to understand how the company’s benefit offerings reflect and support the company’s vision, mission, and organizational strategy.

the paper has to be 4-5 pages


The website content should include information on both mandatory and discretionary benefits that are commonly offered in your industry. Use the Benefits Website Content Assignment Template [DOCX] to complete the assignment, which includes the following:

  1. Write a short overview of the company that includes the organization’s vision, mission, and values.
  2. Identify a minimum of three mandatory employee benefits.
  3. Provide the legal justification crucial to understanding the mandatory benefits offered.
  4. Identify a minimum of three discretionary employee benefits.
  5. Provide related information that is crucial to understanding the discretionary employee benefits offered.
  6. Evaluate how the discretionary and mandatory benefits align with the company’s organizational strategy.

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Benefits Website Content for IKEA

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Benefits Website Content for IKEA
IKEA is a multinational company that sells ready to assemble furniture for the home. It
offers affordable, well-designed, and functional appliances. This paper covers an overview of the
company and updates as requested by the manager on the mandatory and discretionary benefits
and their legal justifications, which were missing on the company website.
Every company has to be guided by a vision, mission values, and an organizational
strategy. In this case, IKEA's vision aims to make an enhanced life for countless individuals.
Their mission is to offer a varied collection of well-made, useful home furniture at low costs so
that it can be easily affordable to many. The company is led by values that are expected to be
followed by their employees, which include: leading by example, togetherness, responsibility,
simplicity, and cost-consciousness. An organizational strategy is a plan used by a business to
show how they plan on allocating resources and conducting their activities. IKEA uses the cost
leadership strategy, which allows them to produce goods and services cheaper than its
Employee benefits are perks offered to employees apart from their salaries or wages
(Jaworski et al., 2018). Companies have to offer benefits to their employees because it shows
that they are invested in their employees' lives and futures. There are two types of benefits;
mandatory and discretionary. According to the federal government, mandatory benefits include
benefits that companies are expected to provide (Sternlight, 2014). However, discretionary
benefits are employee benefits that are not authorized by the law. They are what the company
decides to give to their employees. IKEA being a company, has to follow the mandatory benefits.
One of these benefits is they have to offer Medicare and social security, which play a big part for

retired persons, children, and incapacitated individuals. Unemployment insurance is also a
benefit because it provides a safety net for employees who lose their jobs during lay-offs and
mergers. These individuals can file an unemployment claim to get their benefits as they look for
other jobs during such circumstances. The employees also benefit from the worker's
compensation insuranc...

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