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The primary objective of the portfolio project is to help you familiarize yourself with project management skills relevant to the process groups of planning, execution, monitoring and control, and closing. Students will prepare a portfolio of documents representing their understanding of core components and competencies of IT project management, including a project charter, a project scope statement, a work breakdown structure, change management processes, communication management, quality management, and project closure plan.

You may choose a real project in your current organization, or in another organization, or you may choose a fictitious project. You can choose a project in which you play a role or in which there is a role similar to the role you currently play in your work.

The Portfolio Project requires that you create and submit a comprehensive project plan and to deliver on project outcomes that meet stakeholder expectations during Week 8. As you complete your weekly readings, be sure to take notes and apply what you are learning to the development of your Project.

To begin, review the weekly Portfolio Reminders and Milestones. The Portfolio reminders in Module 1, 2, 4, 5, and 7 will guide you through the steps you need to take to complete the assignment. In Module 3 and 6 you will complete a Portfolio Milestone Assignment. Your instructor will grade these assignments. You may apply the work you did in the milestone assignments to your final portfolio, but you will not be graded on these milestones twice.

In your final project, you will revise and compile each part of the final project that you have been working on. Submit your final Portfolio Project with the following components:

  • Project preparation and project charter (Remember you’re your project charter will not be graded again.)
  • Project scope management plan and WBS
  • Communication management plan
  • Project risk and change management plans
  • Quality management plan
  • Project closure plan.

In addition, also include the following elements:

  • An executive summary that offers a high-level description of the project you have developed.
  • A conclusion that includes a self-assessment as a project manager assigned to this IT project. Address key elements you identified in throughout the project, and identify additional areas that you think have benefitted you and contributed to the success of your project.

Your well-written project should meet the following requirements:

  • Project length: ten to twelve pages, with an additional title or cover page and a reference page.
  • Any tables and figures must have appropriate captions.
  • Include at least three references in addition to the course textbook. The CSU-Global Library is a good place to find these references.
  • Format according to CSU-Global APA guidelines.

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Compensation Plan Project

Name of Student

Name of Professor

Course Title





This project is based on improving compensation as well as profits and packages for
the business. Compensation and benefits are important aspects in present business life. This
has a direct relation to employee motivation as well as achievement. The inspiration of
employees results in outstanding performance as well as a commitment to the employment.
The association in which I am supervising the project is an IT project based on international

Project charter

For an HR manager to construct a project, I have to come up with preparation to
revamp compensation and benefits package. Being an HR director, I have to implement what
is termed to be the best for the employee. In this case, I’ll have ensured that there is no any
form of miscommunication concerning what is required. Mainly, compensation plan must be
drafted on a paper for the corporations to offer their managers with a critical equipment in
order to obtain the essential resources. Secondly, the plan need to comprise of different
shapes of compensation which are highly achievable such: dividends, salary, wages, merit
enhances as well as overtime accompanied by other income sharing plans.

Moreover, we must have a policy concerning the number of working hours.
Dividends, compensatory time as well as paid time off like holidays, sick leaves, or
individual days. Finally, the base wage grades or lowest amount should be involved during
job designation. Both job explanations and skills need to be encouraged in order to come up



with appropriate employee wages. Generally, compensation package involves variety of
factors which aim at motivating long-term employees. This gives guidelines on how workers
should be compensated without any form of struggle which may result to creation of a sense
of prerogative. Being an HR administrator, I involved presenting this compensation package
to shareholders as well as higher management in order to get support for the project.
Moreover, we are aiming at explaining where dollars spend by corporations go through
following tax dollars through coming up with a value which firms should be giving as a tax
(Culpepper, 2014).

Among keys factors for successive compen...

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