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Students will prepare a minimum 7-page paper including the following information.Papers must be submitted as single sheets that are stapled together and typewritten and double-spaced.A cover sheet with the student’s name, course name, professor’s name and class time must be affixed to the front of the paper. The below format 1 – 8 must be followed.

Plan a detailed event that interests you: Examples: You will be planning the inaugural 5k run/walk for the Cape Cod National Seashore; OR a wedding; anniversary party; basketball tournament or Bilbo Baggins 112 birthday party!

The budget will be up to you as the event planner!

.For your paper, the below format for 1 – 8 must be followed..

1.Cover page:Your name, course name, Professor’s name & class time.

2.Notes page:Brainstorm ideas of what you would like to see take place… including a theme.

3.Mission:Write the Event Philosophy/Mission for this year’s event.

4.Event Script:Formulate an Event script detailing an hour-by-hour and day-by-day listing of all activities and the key players that will be responsible to produce this event.

5.Event Directory:Create a directory of all key players who will help you produce this event.

6.Budget:Create a projected budget for this event.

7.Floorplan:Create a Floorplan.

8.Works cited:You must use MLA or APA format.

Keep in mind that any additional value added sections to this paper, such as, menus, invitations, pictures etc. will only enhance your project and perhaps your grade.

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